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Our firm’s approach to Glastonbury wrongful death cases is to put you and your family’s needs first. Our compassionate and caring attorneys could guide you throughout every step of the process and work closely with you to understand your deceased loved one. With our help, you do not have to stress about the legal process. Instead, you could focus your efforts on healing.

The Role of an Attorney

Wrongful death cases are different because they require a high degree of empathy and sensitivity from the lawyer. The goal of a wrongful death attorney is supposed to try to understand the person who died and be able to convey their story throughout pleadings to a judge, mediator, or jury.

When someone loses a loved one, they need lawyers who know how to build a case, understand the important elements unique to these claims, and present them in a way that is effective and conveys what has been lost by their family member’s death.

Why is Compassion Essential When Dealing with Wrongful Death Cases?

Compassion is essential when dealing with a wrongful death case. A lawyer should understand that it is not a death in a family; it is the death of a family. The lives of the family members are forever altered by their loved one suddenly passing. An experienced lawyer understands the grieving process. Most importantly, they need to be compassionate throughout their representation to honor the loved one’s legacy.

When one of our Glastonbury attorneys is working through a wrongful death claim, we approach these cases by asking ourselves:

  • What would the loved one want?
  • What was important for the loved one?
  • If the deceased were here, what would they say?
  • What would they want for their family?

Our compassionate attorneys try to take on as much responsibility as possible for attending to the details surrounding the death of a loved one. The family should not have to deal with medical bills, insurance companies, probate filings, pleadings, and court filings. The family should be able to focus on healing and engage in the processes needed to make that happen.

Compensating an Attorney

Every agreement must be in writing and signed by the claimant. There are two kinds of agreements in wrongful death cases. One is a statutory agreement set by Connecticut General Statutes that outlines a sliding scale of percentages to a lawyer. The other is the waiver agreement in which allows the estate to waive the statutory fee structure and signs a document instead that gives a straight fee to the attorney on all amounts.

The waiver agreement is necessary in complicated cases when expensive experts are used, and depositions are needed that are not appropriate in less complex situations. A claimant should understand the distinction between the two fee agreements because they can mean a substantial difference in recovery.

Contact an Attorney to Learn About our Firm’s Method to Wrongful Death Claims in Glastonbury

The sudden and untimely passing of a loved one could lead to all kinds of emotional changes in your family’s life. You do not have to go through these challenges and changes alone. To see how our firm’s approach to Glastonbury wrongful death cases could help you and your family, call today.


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