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While one of the most common causes of a wrongful death case involving a child is motor vehicle accidents, viable claims may occur for other reasons as well. Regardless of the cause, losing your child can cause inexplicable pain. A compassionate attorney could help you set things right and hold the negligent party accountable. A Glastonbury wrongful death of a minor lawyer could work through the specifics of your claim and guide you through the legal process while you focus on grieving your loss.

Recoverable Damages

The damages sought after the untimely passing of a child are similar to the losses that would be sought after an adult’s death. These damages may include monetary compensation for the death itself, pain and suffering, medical bills, any future lost wages, and any loss of enjoyment of life that they would have suffered. A Glastonbury lawyer with experience in child wrongful death cases could asses a family’s claim and determine which damages they may be entitled to based on their circumstances.

Determining Lost Wages

One of the main differences between a case involving the wrongful death of a child and that of an adult is how lost wages is determined. When someone is older, their occupation and life choices generally make it easier to calculate the potential worth of a claim. However, when a case involves the sudden passing of a child, determining the value of this type of claim can be more complex.

Essentially, a wrongful death of a minor attorney in Glastonbury must do to their best to understand who this child was and work with experts and their family to project who they would have become. A legal representative may use an economist, occupational therapists, and witnesses who knew the child to make an accurate projection. Once a legal professional achieves this, they then could submit for lost wages and earnings. These damages may be higher because they must account for more years of earnings that were lost.

The Impact of a Minor’s Pre-Existing Conditions

If law enforcement discovers that a child had a pre-existing condition that led to their death, this situation could develop as a wrongful death case and a medical malpractice claim. For instance, if a medical care provider improperly diagnosed a minor’s condition or failed to properly treat it, the parents could file a claim against that physician. Additionally, if a court finds that a child’s death was caused by a caretaker’s failure to monitor or medicate a condition, this may constitute a negligence claim.

Can Someone Bring a Wrongful Death Claim If There Is No Identifiable At-Fault Party?

A wrongful death claim may not be brought to seek damages in cases that do not identify an at-fault party. To collect damages, a plaintiff must be able to identify the person or entity who harmed their child. Otherwise, there would be no one from which to collect monetary compensation.

Contact a Wrongful Death of a Minor Attorney in Glastonbury

The sudden loss of a child can be unlike any other, especially if their death was caused by someone’s reckless actions. If you lost your child and want to hold the at-fault party responsible, contact a Glastonbury wrongful death of a minor lawyer today. They could help you seek the justice your child deserves.


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