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It is not always easy to properly qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Connecticut is divided into a number of districts run by commissioners who have different preferences for how workers’ compensation cases should be handled. Glastonbury is handled by the Hartford First District Workers’ Compensation Office. However, while the commissioners might each do things differently, there is still a basic framework for qualifying for workers’ compensation in Glastonbury. Make the ordeal easier by working with a trustworthy workers’ compensation attorney.

How to Qualify for Workers’ Comp

When a worker is hurt in the course and scope of their employment – which means they are hurt at work doing their job – they can usually recover benefits. There are limited exceptions, such as if the worker was intoxicated during the incident. But the main qualification for workers’ compensation in Glastonbury is that the injury arose out of employment-related duties.

Workers’ compensation injuries can be divided into two categories: occupational or traumatic. An occupational injury is a health problem that happens over time due to the environment someone works in, or the type of work they do. Two common examples are carpal tunnel or asbestos exposure. Traumatic injuries happen suddenly as a result of an accident. Examples are when someone falls off a ladder and breaks a leg, or they slip and fall while carrying something and tear an ACL. Sometimes these accidents happen because of an unsafe work environment: an employee falls because the floors at work are wet or the employer does not provide adequate safety equipment.

What is Assigned Risk?

Assigned risk is rare in Connecticut. When an employer is unable to get insurance coverage from a private insurer, sometimes they can qualify for assigned risk plans at a higher cost. It does not apply in Connecticut because workers’ compensation insurance is required by law. In the event that an unsafe employer is unable to get insured elsewhere, they might be insured by an assigned risk plan.

Is Workers’ Comp Regulated Publicly or Privately?

Workers’ compensation injuries and benefits are covered by the Connecticut General Statutes and the regulations of the workers’ compensation offices. The law is regulated by the state government. Every employer is required to secure their own insurance on the private market.

In Glastonbury, the employer pays premiums to a private insurance company, such as the Travelers at Hartford, to insure them and administer workers’ comp claims if there are qualifying injuries. In some cases when an employer is not insured, there also exists a public benefit fund called the Second Injury Fund in Connecticut that can compensate workers of uninsured employers.

Common Mistakes When Qualifying for Benefits

The biggest mistake people make when seeking workers’ compensation is waiting too long. They might believe they would be getting their employer in trouble or that they might be stigmatized. If they do not immediately report claims, insurers may question whether they were actually hurt on the job because they did not make a report about their injury the day it happened. In extreme cases, if a worker waits too long, they could be barred entirely from qualifying for local workers’ compensation benefits.

Resources are available at the Workers’ Compensation Commission office or website that explain the purpose of each form. Some workers might try to do those on their own, but an experienced lawyer could help because they understand the documents that have to be filled out, who they need to be sent to, and whether they need to be sent by certified mail to prove timely notice of their claim.

Learn How to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation With a Glastonbury Attorney

Not only must you know how to qualify for benefits, it is also helpful to know how your employer qualifies for workers’ insurance and how it is regulated. Do not let the complexity of this process overwhelm you. Contact a lawyer for help in qualifying for workers’ compensation in Glastonbury.


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