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When filing for workers’ comp benefits, it is crucial that the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission understands the case you are making. While it may seem obvious to you that you deserve benefits for your injury, there are key details which must be met in order to get approved. It is worth it to hire a compassionate workers’ compensation lawyer to lead your case. Find yourself a legal advocate and discover the benefits of an attorney in a Glastonbury workers’ compensation case.

How is Workers’ Compensation Different from Other Personal Injury Cases?

The most significant difference between workers’ compensation cases and other personal injury lawsuits is that workers’ compensation is no-fault. When someone is injured at work while doing their job, they are usually able to get workers’ compensation benefits even if they were being negligent. In a personal injury case, the fault of the injured worker could end up preventing them from recovering damages.

There are also limitations on the kinds of damages. In workers’ compensation, an individual only gets payment for lost wages and medical expenses. In a personal injury case, the individual could also get non-economic damages such as for pain and suffering. Since there are no non-economic damages in a work-related claim, a lawyer must be more focused in their arguments.

Why Do People Try to Handle the Claim on Their Own?

Most injured employees begin the process of a workers’ compensation claim by filing a report themselves. That might be a mistake because it leads to delays in benefits being paid and could postpone the treatment they need. When someone does not know the requirements for getting their claim accepted and approved, they may have to wait. In this time, bills pile up and they might continue to be unable to do their job. One of the benefits of an attorney in a local workman’s compensation case is that they could make sure the worker has the right documents and they are being treated in a timely manner.

Reasons to Contact a Lawyer

The main reason that someone should contact an attorney is that nearly every claim is denied at the outset by the insurance company and the employer. In the case of traumatic injuries, which are the result of a sudden accident, a person has only one year from the date of injury to provide notice to the employer or insurance company that they want benefits. The time limitations and the fact that employers and insurance companies sometimes contest even obvious claims are reasons to contact a local lawyer.

Injured workers can represent themselves and attend hearings. However, the forms that they must fill out and file with the court within the deadlines can be confusing. A lawyer could make sure the claimant’s rights are preserved by filing notice forms and working with insurance companies or other doctors in the community to get the treatment needed.

Making the Case

Claims are often denied because insurance companies believe the injured party did not prove their injury happened at work. It is initially the burden of the injured worker to do that. Most people generally do not know the nuances that can prove their injury was the result of a work-related accident. Having a lawyer who understands how workers’ compensation cases are handled in Glastonbury can be an enormous benefit.

Experienced Communication

When a lawyer gets involved, they could make contact with the doctor, obtain medical records, and send a causation letter requesting a list of opinions, which also sometimes requires payment. A lawyer could request a hearing to deal with the wage benefits or medical treatment that the claimant needs. They could then begin requesting records, communicating with the insurance company to get approvals for medical treatment, and making sure the claimant is documenting their progress properly so they get the benefits they are entitled to receive.

Discover the Benefits of a Lawyer in a Glastonbury Workers’ Compensation Case

If a work injury has left you in pain or disabled, it is critically important that your case for benefits is clear and timely. Do not risk having your claim denied because you attempted to take it on yourself. There are many benefits to an attorney in a Glastonbury workers’ compensation case. Call now for a free consultation with a skilled lawyer.


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