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The first step when applying for workers’ compensation in Glastonbury is to create a report with your employer. This is called a first report of occupational injury. The best thing to do when you get hurt on the job is to tell your employer. Then, you should get medical treatment, especially if the situation is serious. While this process may seem simple, several challenges may arise that could be difficult to manage without a dedicated workers’ comp attorney.

Forms to File When Applying for Workers’ Comp

Form 30C is the official form an employee needs to fill out that notifies the employer they are requesting medical benefits. An injured employee must send this form by certified mail so they can get their case started and make sure that they meet any time restrictions. Then, an employee should fill out Form 1A, which identifies their filing status to the insurance company to calculate the weekly benefits. The insurance company often requests a medical authorization to obtain records to authorize medical treatment. A claimant applying for benefits in Glastonbury should send copies of both of these forms to their employer and the nearest workers’ compensation district.

Required Information

When filing a workers’ compensation claim in Glastonbury, an individual needs to include the date and location of the accident and a description of what happened. If the worker has medical records for treatment of their injury, they should provide this information as well. Frequently, employees may suffer injuries while driving on the road. If they are working in the course and scope of their employment and get hit by another vehicle, they may be eligible to apply for benefits.

In this kind of a case, an employee should collect the police report, statements, and anything that helps the insurance company understand what happened. This is an area where a lawyer could help because insurance companies are not interested in compensating unless they have to. They may ask for more information than they are entitled to have, and an individual may give unnecessary information that could jeopardize their claim. A lawyer could help to make sure that whatever the insurance company requests is fair and reasonable.

What Could Make Filing for Workers’ Compensation Difficult in Glastonbury?

In Glastonbury, if an employer is uncooperative, this could make the application process for workers’ comp more difficult. Occasionally, employers may refuse to give their employees workers’ compensation information, such as who the insurance company provider is or the policy number. In these situations, an injured worker should consult a lawyer should because this is illegal.

Additionally, an employer may try to influence an employee to not make a claim. For instance, they may offer the employee cash under the table to not make a claim to avoid having their premiums and insurance rates go up.

Contact an Attorney in Glastonbury When Applying for Worker’s Comp Benefits

When applying for workers’ compensation in Glastonbury, a lawyer could play an important role in this process. A workers’ comp attorney could send an investigator to take statements to help the individual or obtain medical records and photographs. Additionally, when video evidence is available, an attorney could make sure it is preserved if it is important to their case.

One of the more valuable roles of an attorney is acting as a go-between. Insurance companies often bombard the claimant with questions. Easing that pressure, fielding questions, and representing them can be a great relief to injured workers. For help with your case, call today.


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