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In many cases, an insurance company and a plaintiff will reach an agreement, known as a settlement, before a case reaches trial. Ultimately, it is the injured person’s decision whether or not to settle a case, and for how much. An experienced truck accident attorney could help a plaintiff value their case and explain the strengths and weaknesses of a settlement, but ultimately, it is the plaintiff’s decision. For help with Glastonbury truck accident settlements, reach out to a dedicated lawyer today.

Deciding Whether or Not to Settle a Glastonbury Truck Wreck Claim

A person might want to settle rather than go to trial if the insurance company has offered agreeable compensation for the case, or if they need money quickly and cannot afford a drawn-out litigation process. Injured individuals have bills to pay, and so it may persuade them to settle the claim immediately. However, a claimant should always be making an informed decision about how long the case is going to take and what an expected verdict or settlement could be before signing off on any settlement papers.

A plaintiff might refuse to take a settlement offer and instead go to trial if the insurance company refuses to offer a reasonable settlement amount. Insurance companies tend to offer pennies on the dollar, and it may not be worthwhile for a plaintiff to accept their first offer. If it is fair, reasonable money offered; however, most cases will settle.

Calculating the Settlement Value

There are no specific calculations used to value a Glastonbury truck accident settlement, as every single case is different. The general rule, though, is that the greater the harm someone suffers, the higher the compensation.

Negligence on the part of the injured person can reduce the settlement amount. Connecticut is a contributory negligence state, so if a plaintiff is negligent by 10 percent, it may be subtracted from their total damages and verdict amount. If they are more than 51 percent negligent, the plaintiff cannot recover at all. While settlements necessarily avoid a specific verdict amount, parties negotiating a settlement will almost certainly consider contributory negligence when determining a settlement amount.

If the parties cannot resolve the claim, the case goes to a jury, and a jury assigns the dollar value to the harms and losses suffered by the person who has been injured in the truck accident.

Truck accident attorneys help determine the value of a settlement through databases of similar cases. They are able to assess different factors and how they might play out. When considering a settlement, the injured person should personally assess if it feels fair and reasonable, while also listening to their lawyer’s knowledgeable advice about what it might be worth.

Contact a Lawyer About Glastonbury Truck Accident Settlements

A Glastonbury attorney could be a valuable asset to someone looking to settle a truck collision suit. It is almost impossible to recover full and fair value from an insurance company until the injured victim has a seasoned lawyer fighting for them. For more information about Glastonbury truck accident settlements and how an attorney could help, call today.


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