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Plaintiffs in most truck accident cases avoid the risk and expense of a jury trial and instead settle their claim outside of court. A settlement is often preferable for both parties in a truck accident case, as a jury trial can be unpredictable and financially constraining.

Truck accident settlements may occur in numerous ways. In some cases, a settlement may occur through a conversation with the insurance company and the lawyer before a lawsuit is even filed. Other times, both parties may negotiate a settlement during the course of a lawsuit, or even during the trial itself. A dedicated truck accident attorney could represent an injured individual’s best interests during the negotiation process and work to recover appropriate compensation for their damages. Call today to learn more about the Glastonbury truck accident settlement process.

What is the Settlement Process in Glastonbury?

In addition to private negotiations between attorneys, settlements sometimes occur at mediation, in court, or with a private lawyer or a judge. There may also be a mediation or settlement discussion that occurs at pre-trials, settlement conferences, or trial management conferences. Cases can settle all the way from before the initial suit, or cases can settle after a jury has rendered its verdict, on appeal, and anything in between. During the Glastonbury truck accident settlement process an attorney could help the claimant understand their options and how they may want to proceed.

Common Issues in Truck Collision Settlements

The biggest issue that a plaintiff might encounter when negotiating a settlement after a truck accident is a disproportionately low offer from the insurance company. A plaintiff may also encounter issues regarding liens that may be on their file that may make cases difficult to settle. A lien is a stake that a third-party, like a medical provider or a health insurance company, holds in a certain claim. If there is a dispute over how much is owed on the lien, the entire settlement process could be harmed.

The Time it Takes to Settle a Truck Crash Claim

There is no general length of time it takes to receive a settlement. Sometimes settlements happen quickly, other times they take years. For the most part, cases settle anywhere from six months to 24 months after the date of the accident.

In certain cases, a settlement process may be expedited. Any trucking lawyer’s goal should be to get as much money for the claimant as possible and as quickly as possible. To ensure they receive their settlement in a timely manner, the best thing a plaintiff can do is keep their attorney informed of what is going on in their case. A claimant in a truck accident case should share everything they known about their treatment and injuries with their lawyer.

Let Us Help With the Glastonbury Truck Wreck Settlement Process

A seasoned attorney could help by being organized and explaining the settlement process to the claimant. A lawyer could communicate with the injured party to make sure that the right information is coming in as fast as possible.

When considering settling their claim, plaintiffs should be aware that when they settle the claim, it is final. They cannot ever come back and seek more money, whatever the reason. For more information about the Glastonbury truck accident settlement process and how an attorney could help, call today.


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