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The days and weeks after a truck accident may be confusing for someone involved in a collision for the first time. Understanding the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Glastonbury truck accident could make a difference in the success of a claim.

Admitting Fault

Admitting fault at the scene of a truck accident is often a mistake. Drivers who were involved in an accident do not know necessarily what may have caused it. The only way to determine what caused an accident or what happened in an accident is through an independent investigation where all factors are taking into consideration, including statements from witnesses, examination of physical evidence, examination of any recordings that were made, and examination of skid marks in the road.

Every piece of evidence needs to be examined before a determination of fault is made, and if somebody admits fault at an early stage, an insurance company will often use that against them. In some cases, a driver may offer an apology after an accident to be polite. Unfortunately, an insurance company may try to misconstrue an apology as an admission of a fault, so drivers should think twice before apologizing.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies will typically call people who may have been injured in a truck accident. They have databases on people and they will get information. They may send a letter or call, and oftentimes adjusters can be quite pushy.

Giving recorded statements to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney is not a good idea. The other driver’s insurance company has one mission, and that is to avoid paying money or to pay as little money as possible. A driver is not obligated to provide a statement, and anything they say can and will be used against them.


The other driver’s insurance company might offer a potential plaintiff a check. If so, they are likely hoping the victim will cash it, because it is considered a full and final settlement. If a potential plaintiff does cash the check, they will waive any claim that they have in the future. If, for example, a driver cashes a check from an insurance company but later requires expensive surgery, they will not be able to recover compensation to cover the cost of the operation.

Always Contact an Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a Glastonbury truck accident is failing to contact an attorney. The trucking company has likely already contacted its attorneys and may have people who are working for them full-time. The only person who can level the playing field is an experienced trucking accident attorney.

It may be essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. The sooner that a lawyer can get involved, the better. An experienced attorney could build a strong case for a personal injury claim and work to represent you in negotiations with a defendant’s insurance company. Call today to set up a consultation, discuss your case, and begin working towards fair compensation for your injuries.


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