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A jackknife truck accident occurs when an 18-wheeler truck and a trailer go into a skid, and the trailer swings out and stops to form an angle of 90 degrees with the truck cab. Common causes of these kinds of accidents are wet and icy roads, shifting unsustainable loads within the trailer, speeding, improperly-secured cargo, failing to slow down when navigating a curve, or failure to maintain or inspect tires, brake systems, or loads.

Jackknife collisions can lead to severe damages. If you or a loved one were injured in such a crash, call a dedicated truck accident attorney. A Glastonbury jackknife truck accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Jackknife Truck Collision Precautions

Jackknifing can be prevented through electronic stability control systems or road stability control systems. They can also be prevented through proper maintenance, driving under the speed limit when road conditions warrant it, and drivers frequently checking their mirrors for any indication of trailer swing. Truck drivers should also avoid slamming on the brakes and approach turns with caution.

Some important precautions can be taken even before a truck is on the road. Mechanical checks that can include inspecting the tires, the brake systems, and the loads, and they should be done before any driver gets in a vehicle to make sure that the truck is in proper operating condition.

When a truck driver fails to adhere to these precautions and they cause an accident, they may be held liable. A Glastonbury jackknife truck accident attorney could help an injured victim establish negligence.

Parties Involved in Jackknifing Crashes

A jackknifed truck can impact other vehicles by rolling over and crushing another vehicle or blocking lanes of traffic, causing trailing vehicles to crash. When a truck jackknifes, it can also come from behind a vehicle and knock the vehicle from the road. Individuals involved in a jackknife crash can suffer from catastrophic injuries.

There can be any number of parties involved in a jackknife truck accident injury case. For instance, the driver, the owner of the truck, and the owner of the trailer may all be involved in a claim. Therefore, it is critical for injured victims to consult with a dedicated attorney with experience handling jackknife truck collision claims in Glastonbury.

Contacting a Glastonbury Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney

There are many benefits of working with an experienced Glastonbury jackknife truck accident lawyer. The mechanics, rules, and regulations surrounding trucking collisions can be complex. There are also different insurance policies involved that are different than car accidents. An experienced lawyer understands how trucks are supposed to be maintained. It is critical to understand the regulations that do and do not apply to truck accidents and prosecute the case accordingly.

If you were involved in a jackknife collision, you might be eligible for compensation. Reach out to a dedicated legal professional who could fight for your right to recover damages. Call today and schedule your consultation. Let a seasoned and accomplished lawyer help you with your claim.


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