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Truck accidents caused by intoxicated drivers are more prevalent than reported. Do get the job done, truck drivers may be taking pills to stay alert or awake, which can impair or impact their driving.

Common trends in truck accidents attributed to intoxication are drivers who are stressed, tired, or overworked. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a truck collision caused by an intoxicated driver, you might be entitled to compensation. Reach out to a Glastonbury intoxicated driver truck accident lawyer. Let an experienced truck crash attorney fight for you.

Common Substances Seen in Truck Collisions

Beer, which is often advertised at rest stops, is one of the most frequently seen substances in trucking DUI accidents. All sorts of stimulants are also used to help drivers stay awake and alert, and could range from Sudafed to methamphetamine.

As Glastonbury attorneys know all too well, the culture of the road often causes certain substances to be prevalent in intoxicated trucking accidents. Drivers who are forced to drive long hours may have alcohol available to them, as well as stimulants such as Sudafed, methamphetamine, and cocaine to avoid fatigue.

Impact of a DUI on a Truck Driver

A DUI can severely impair the truck driver’s ability to obtain employment. Often, intoxication can result in a driver losing the commercial driver’s license certification that they require for employment.

A commercial driver’s license, or CDL, is issued by the state of Connecticut or by the state in which the driver is licensed to operate. A DUI charge can cause the state of Connecticut to revoke a driver’s CDL. The revocation of a CDL could impact a trucker’s ability to drive in any other state, as many states generally have reciprocity with one another.

A Glastonbury DUI impacts an out-of-state driver’s CDL immediately, as well. The state in which the driver’s license was issued is alerted immediately that the driver picked up a DUI while in Glastonbury. The driver’s home state can take administrative action against their license, as well as the state of Connecticut taking judicial action against their license, resulting in the license possibly being stripped.

In addition to the consequences for a truck driver’s commercial license, a DUI counts as a DUI for an individual’s standard driver’s license as well. A DUI will nearly always result in license suspension for some period of time and can lead to license revocation entirely.

Trucking Company Negligence

Trucking companies bear a burden to uphold the federal government’s standards. If the company does not, it can face civil fines and loss of license. If failure to meet industry standards leads to an accident, the trucking company may also be financially liable for damages. As a result, interstate trucking carriers must hold insurance coverage for up to $750,000 in the event of a trucking accident. The mandatory liability coverage increases significantly if a truck is transporting hazardous materials.

Examples of regulations found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations include truckers keeping their hour logs properly and complying with standards for rest. Trucking companies must also ensure that every driver has the proper commercial driver’s license, that all drivers go through the relevant background check process, and that every truck has the appropriate insurance coverage. A dedicated intoxicated driver truck accident lawyer in Glastonbury could investigate a case and help determine which parties are negligent.

Contact a Glastonbury Intoxicated Driver Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents are devastating, especially when the truck driver was found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you were injured in such a crash, contact an attorney today. Let a Glastonbury intoxicated driver truck accident lawyer fight for your right to compensation.


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