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A blind spot accident occurs when a car is in a truck’s blind spot and the truck either makes a lane change or swerves quickly and collides with the car. The length of a truck, as well as the difference in height, creates larger blind spots than one would find in a regular car. The most common location for blind spot trucks accidents to occur in Glastonbury is on Route 2.

If you were injured in a blind spot truck collision, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact a Glastonbury blind spot truck accident lawyer today. A dedicated truck accident attorney could help you recover damages.

Establishing Negligence in Blind Spot Collisions

When a driver acts negligently on the road and causes an accident, they can be held liable for damages. All drivers on the road must operate their vehicles reasonably. Sometimes, though, a driver could be operating a vehicle reasonably and still temporarily pass a truck in its blind spot. If the truck involved in an accident is clearly advising drivers to avoid unsafe behavior while in a truck’s marked blind spots, however, the driver of the car could be negligent. If someone is riding in a truck’s blind spot for five miles, that may constitute unreasonable behavior on the part of the driver. Generally, drivers should avoid being in a truck’s blind spot for any longer than necessary. However, this can be difficult in heavy traffic.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Connecticut operates under the law of modified comparative negligence. This means that if the driver of a vehicle is found to be more than 51 percent at fault for the cause of the accident, they are not able to recover compensation. However, claimants who are less than 51 percent liable for the wreck can recover compensation proportionate to their fault. For example, if an injured party is awarded $100,000 in damages but is determined to be 20 percent at fault, they could receive $80,000. A skilled blind spot truck accident lawyer in Glastonbury could help an injured victim establish negligence.

Dangers of Blind Spot Truck Crashes

Blind spot truck accidents can lead to rollover collision, which is when a truck overturns onto a vehicle and cause significant car damage, injuries, and even fatalities. As a result of a blind spot accident, a car may become trapped, guard rails can be destroyed, and trucks can roll down hills and embankments.

Due to the severity of blind spot truck collisions, injured individuals should seek medical treatment immediately. The person should also alert the authorities who can file a police report. After getting medical care, the individual should reach out to a knowledgeable Glastonbury blind spot truck accident attorney. A lawyer could help an injured victim recover from the accident.

Contact a Glastonbury Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a blind spot truck crash, you might be entitled to compensation. An accomplished Glastonbury blind spot truck accident lawyer could help you recover the damages that you deserve. Call today and set up a consultation with a skilled legal professional.


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