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Recovering from an awful fall takes time and in the worst cases, it takes time away from work. As a result, healing could mean missing the wages you need to stay afloat. Fortunately, you do have legal recourse against negligent parties that caused your slip and fall accident. The benefits of a Glastonbury slip and fall attorney are not limited to the courtroom. Building a strong attorney-client relationship could help with long-term recovery. Reaching out to an experienced slip and fall lawyer could be the first step toward recovering from your accident.

Solo Practitioners Versus Personal Injury Firms

There are many capable solo lawyers out there, but in a complicated slip and fall case with a lot of moving parts, witnesses, medical testimony, and experts, it is crucial to have a number of people willing and able to handle different components and to do the inquiries and workloads that those kinds of cases require. Having a team is certainly an asset in Glastonbury slip and fall cases and ensuring clients get maximum compensation.

Vetting Law Firms for Glastonbury Slip and Fall Cases

Because insurance companies understand the role of comparative fault in slip and fall cases, it is important to hire a lawyer who has experience trying slip and fall cases and who is willing to try a case for the client. Having a firm who is willing to go the distance and willing to do the work necessary to ensure full recovery is important. When potential clients vet possible law firms that could represent their case, they need to look for those qualities in any potential representatives.

Qualified Law Firms’ Approaches to Slip and Fall Cases

Our firm’s approach is to leave no stone unturned, so not necessarily taking the injured party’s testimony as a be-all, end-all. We investigate any witnesses and leads, retain experts to do inspections of premises, take photographs, and get video surveillance. Those are all things that good lawyers do to adequately litigate slip and fall cases in Glastonbury.

How Attorneys Protect Their Clients from Insurance Companies

A slip and fall lawyer protects their client from insurance companies by stepping intervening and acting as a liaison between the two. Insurance companies are often aggressive in slip and fall cases. These companies often call victims and pressure them into giving them information that victims are not required to give. Many people believe that when an insurance company calls them, they have to cooperate, but usually what the insurance company wants is some way to blame them. Lawyers do not allow their clients to be tricked into helping insurance companies. In events like these, they could step in and make sure that, if there are statements given, they are under oath and in the context of depositions. A Glastonbury slip and fall attorney helps clients understand what the insurance company’s role is because they are not their friend in this situation.

How Qualified Glastonbury Attorneys Build Strong Relationships with Clients

Constant communication is paramount in developing a strong attorney-client relationship. Qualified slip and fall attorneys work with a large team that is constant when communicating with clients. By staying on top of any new developments, witnesses, and treatment, attorneys could build trust with clients.

An attorney’s job is not only to advocate for a client, but to skillfully inform them of the risks of certain cases. If attorneys think there is a likelihood that a case could produce a less-than-favorable result in court, then it falls to attorneys to inform their clients of that possibility and strive for a resolution that could work.

Our job is to be an advocate for our client, but to skillfully inform them of the risks of certain kinds of cases. If we think that there is a likelihood that they could lose at trial, we will tell them that and will work to reach a resolution that makes sense for them. The communication and the trust built up over the lifetime of a case is a strong suite of our firm.

Possible Benefits of a Strong Attorney-Client Relationship

A strong relationship is important because there are plenty of slip and fall cases that should be tried just as there are cases that should not be. Having mutual trust between an attorney and client is crucial when determining outcomes for clients.

Speak with a Glastonbury Slip and Fall Attorney Today

When you feel as though your fall was the direct result of another person’s negligence, you may wonder what kind of legal recourse you have against that negligent party. Fortunately, the benefits of a Glastonbury slip and fall attorney do not begin and stop with a case evaluation. Experienced counsel could work to build a strong attorney-client relationship while seeking the compensation you need after your accident. Reach out to a team of attorneys today.


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