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Under state law, sexual abuse is wrongful or illicit sex acts conducted by one person to another without their consent. Some of the most common forms of sexual misconduct include rape, molestation, and harassment. In some cases, the person committing the illicit sexual act is somebody in a position of authority of the victim, such as a priest, troop leader, teacher, or coach.

Civil action sexual abuse cases generally come after criminal trials for a variety of reasons. For instance, the ability to get statements, access to evidence, and an individual’s Fifth Amendment rights all impact a civil case. Also, a criminal case conviction is admissible in a civil case.

If you or someone you love has experienced sexual assault, you should notify the authorities and speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. A Glastonbury sexual abuse lawyer understands the sensitive nature of these cases and could use their legal acumen to bring you the closure and compensation you deserve.

What is Lewd Conduct?

In Glastonbury, lewd conduct constitutes public indecency. When someone commits a public act of sexual intercourse or indecent exposure with an attempt to arouse another person, they could be charged or when there is lewd conduct. This offense may also include fondling or molesting another person without their consent while in public.

Statute of Limitations in Glastonbury

The statute of limitations for these cases can be tricky. There is no statutory deadline for bringing a civil action to recover damages caused by sexual assault when the offender has been convicted of first-degree sexual abuse or aggravated sexual assault.

If the claimant was a minor at the time of the assault, they have until their 40th birthday to file a personal injury action. In cases that are not subject to these provisions, the statute of limitations would be three years. A Glastonbury sexual assault attorney could help a claimant meet the applicable legal deadlines for their case.

How Does the Involvement of Children Impact a Sexual Abuse Case?

Sexual abuse cases could become exacerbated if it involves a child because minors may not come forward for a variety of reasons. They may be scared, or they may try to repress the memories. The court should be careful when a child has to testify under oath, even though the docket could be sealed. It is a definite practical concern when bringing this type of claim because the court does not want to harm the child anymore.

Liability in Sexual Assault Cases

Liability is recognition of civil wrongdoing and a violation of civil court law. This means that if somebody has violated the law, they are liable for the damages that follow as a result. Simply put, liability is a term for the person legally responsible for the harm that occurred.

In sexual abuse cases, the responsible party is generally held liable for somebody who suffered a tremendous amount of harm as a result of their illicit sex acts. These individuals may be held responsible for the harm and losses they caused, such as emotional damage and physical harm. The consequences of sexual abuse are well-documented and far-reaching, therefore, and a defendant should be liable for all these effects.

How Evidence is Used

The evidence that a lawyer could use to establish liability in Glastonbury sexual abuse case may include a statement from the claimant and any corroborating information that demonstrates that the defendant was at the scene of the incident.

In some situations, abusers commit this offense on multiple occasions. Therefore, an attorney may look for evidence that demonstrates a pattern of assault in addition to any other information that provides proof of a criminal background

A claimant could help their attorney in sexual assault cases by coming forward and producing any evidence they may have. Claimants should open up about the scope of the harm or the abuse, describe the details of what happened, and convey the nature of their losses. However, this can be extremely difficult to do. This is why it is important for a claimant to find an attorney that they can trust and feel safe around.

Speak with a Glastonbury Sexual Abuse Attorney

Being a survivor of sexual abuse or assault can have long-term damaging effects. Often, these cases go unreported because individuals who have experienced sexual assault are scared.

However, a caring and dedicated Glastonbury sexual abuse lawyer could help these individuals seek the justice they deserve. If someone sexually assaulted you, contact our firm to schedule an initial consultation. We could help you hold this person accountable for their wrongful actions.


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