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Sexual abuse in a nursing home is any unwanted sexual contact with a patient by a member of the nursing home staff or someone else who is on the premises. Common examples of sexual abuse in nursing homes can range from anything from unwanted touching to forcible penetration. Some patients are medicated to the point they cannot consent to sexual activity, which may also constitute abuse. If your loved one has been subjected to sexual abuse, reach out to a compassionate nursing home abuse lawyer. Let a Glastonbury nursing home sexual abuse lawyer help you recover damages.

Warning Signs of Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Some warning signs that a loved one is being sexually abused may be increasing depression, seeming withdrawn, or just not doing the things they used to do. It could be any sorts of changes that are not explained by medicine or diet, such as eating more or less or refusing to participate in certain hobbies. In some cases, a nursing home patient may directly report sexual abuse to a loved one or other staff member.

Vulnerable Patients

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia and those who are drugged in some way or under the influence of narcotics are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse. Sometimes, people end up in nursing homes when they are recovering from a serious injury, so those populations are particularly vulnerable.

Duty of Care in Glastonbury Nursing Homes

The duty of care for protecting patients in nursing homes is a reasonable duty. It may be that if something happens just once, the nursing home may not have any notice of it and it is caught by surprise. But, if a facility does have notice that someone is a known sexual offender or predator, and the administration does not take steps to protect others in its care, it is violating its reasonable duty to care for its patients. When this happens, individuals should reach out to a nursing home sexual abuse lawyer in Glastonbury.

Sexual Abuse by Other Residents

If sexual abuse is coming from other residents, the nursing home has a duty to make sure the environment is safe for everyone. If it is allowing somebody to sexually abuse other patients without reporting it or taking proper steps, the nursing home itself could be responsible as the person being abused may not be in a position to protect themselves.

What to Do if a Loved One is Being Abused

In all cases, the first call should be to the police. Sexual abuse is a crime, whether it happens in the context of a nursing home or anywhere else, so it is an immediate police matter. Next, one should contact the State Department of Health, the nursing home itself, and an experienced Glastonbury lawyer, all of which can be beneficial to a later civil case.

How a Glastonbury Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Attorney Could Help

Nursing home abuse lawyers could advocate for people who have been injured in a nursing home, make sure their bill of rights is being respected, that they are receiving the care they need, and, if they are not, hold the home civilly accountable for the damages it caused.

If you believe a loved one has experienced sexual abuse in an assisted living facility, reach out to a dedicated nursing home abuse lawyer. An experienced Glastonbury nursing home sexual abuse lawyer could collect and preserve evidence, hire expert witnesses, and build the strongest possible case for compensation. Call today.


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