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When you entrust the care and safety of a loved one to a nursing home facility, it can be devasting to learn that they have suffered abuse. When this does happen, you and your family member have the right to hold the abuser responsible for their actions.

If your loved one experienced abuse at their assisted living community, you should speak with a compassionate attorney to learn more about Glastonbury nursing home abuse litigation. This process can be complex and overwhelming without professional help, so do not hesitate and call today.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases at Trial

Depending on the severity of the case, nursing home abuse trials can last anywhere from a day to a week or more of trial. The time frame of the trial depends on how contested the liabilities and damages are.

The process of a nursing home abuse trial starts with an opening statement. The lawyer for the plaintiff will present their side of the case first. The defense could offer a rebuttal and present their case or present no case at all. Then, there would be a closing argument. The plaintiff goes first and makes their closing argument. The defendant then makes their closing argument and the plaintiff reserves time for rebuttal.

Nursing home abuse cases can be either jury trials or bench trials. In Connecticut, a jury trial only happens if either party elects the trial to happen. If neither party does or if there is an agreement, there will be a bench trial.

Outcomes at trials vary according to the circumstances of the case. Factors such as how many witnesses there are, how great the damages are, and how disputed the liability is can all impact the outcome of litigation in Glastonbury nursing home abuse cases.

Trials with Multiple Plaintiffs or Defendants

If there are multiple plaintiffs, each injured party would have to prove their case. If there are multiple defendants, the plaintiff must prove that each defendant is liable. It is not uncommon for nursing home abuse cases to include multiple plaintiffs or defendants. Because these situations can make cases more complicated, victims should contact skilled lawyers to guide them through this type of litigation process in Glastonbury nursing home abuse cases.

Essential Elements in Nursing Home Abuse Trials

Good litigators should preserve the record. They may want to show the jury the corporate harm that occurred. Most nursing home abuse cases do not happen because of a negligent nurse. A corporate culture that is designed to make as much money as possible for the insurance company at the expense of the patient can lead to the abuse of residents.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More about Litigation for Glastonbury Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Our firm is proud of the way we respect our elders, we respect the dignity of life, and we understand that when someone is in a nursing home, they are vulnerable and time is precious. We seek to understand who they are as a person and fight for their rights.

If your loved one is a survivor of nursing home neglect, speak with an attorney to discuss Glastonbury nursing home abuse litigation. We hope to get your family the compensation and closure you deserve.


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