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Glastonbury motorcycle helmet laws are put in place to protect riders on the road. While adult motorcyclists are note required to wear protective headgear, it is highly encouraged. A seasoned motorcycle wreck attorney could speak to the importance of wearing a helmet during a case consultation if you were involved in a motorcycle wreck.

What are the Helmet Requirements for Motorcyclists?

Connecticut requires anyone under the age of 18 to wear an approved helmet while riding a motorcycle. Therefore, any motorcyclist over this age is not required by law to wear a helmet in Glastonbury.

While there are no legal ramifications of not wearing a helmet in Glastonbury, it is certainly advisable to wear one from a practical and safety point of view. From a legal point of view, a person complies with the law even if they are not wearing a helmet.

Benefits of Wearing Protective Headgear While Riding a Motorbike

Wearing a helmet can help protect riders because it can prevent a skull fracture, as well as other trauma if their head hits the pavement. It could help a motorcyclist, for example, if they are thrown into trees or dragged across the pavement. In general, a helmet is an extra layer of protection that is certainly advisable, given the vulnerabilities of motorcyclists and lack of other safety features on these vehicles.

How Could Not Wearing a Helmet Impact a Civil Claim?

When a motorcyclist does not wear a helmet and tries to file a claim for damages, this may impact their case. This person runs the risk of a jury or juror holding an opinion that everybody should wear a motorcycle helmet despite the law specifying otherwise. A jury may state that the motorcyclist is responsible for their injury by not wearing a helmet or that it could somehow have been prevented if they wore protective headgear.

Therefore, if someone is under 18, it is important that they show that they complied with the law. This could prevent a contributory negligence case from being brought against them. If the injured motorcyclist is over 18, it is important to show that they were being safe and trying to do everything they could to protect themselves at the time of the accident. Overall, a lawyer has to be careful of a juror thinking that the motorcyclist could have prevented their injuries if they have been wearing a helmet.

Contributory negligence refers to whether or not the motorcyclist is partially to blame for their accident. Because Glastonbury does not have a helmet law, a motorcyclist is not going to be contributorily negligent for not wearing protective headgear.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Motorcycle Helmet Regulations in Glastonbury

While there are few specific Glastonbury motorcycle helmet laws, it is still important to wear protective headgear while riding a motorbike. They could protect you from severe injuries as well as help you in a civil claim if you are involved in a collision. For more information, speak with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys today.


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