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Health insurance in Glastonbury motorcycle accidents is crucial as the bills that initially incur can be paid. Also, insurance could prevent an injured person from going to collections, alleviating their financial burdens. Once their medical bills are taken care of, an injured motorcyclist can then file a claim against any negligent parties who may have caused their accident and receive compensation for any medical expenses that the claimant may now owe to their insurance company.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, a skilled motorcycle crash attorney could help you work with insurance company along with the defendant’s insurance company to ensure that you receive payments for any medical bills they may incur. A dedicated lawyer could also help you recover other damages.

Reimbursing Health Insurance Companies After Receiving a Settlement

Some insurance companies have a right to reimbursement and to be repaid. Because signing into an insurance plan is similar to signing a contract, injured people are contractually obligated to reimburse an insurance company if they request the policyholder to do so. However, only certain health insurance policies have the right to reimbursement for paid medical expenses. Self-funded ERISA plans, Medicare, and Medicaid all have a right to reimbursement for expenses.

Every single case should be evaluated to determine whether a specific plan has any right to a lien on any recovery because sometimes an insurance company does not have this legal right. Depending on the contract language, insurance companies typically ask for the full amount of medical bills that have been paid. It is imperative to note that an insurance company can ask for extra payments.

How to Handle Medical Bills Without Insurance

If a person in Glastonbury does not have health insurance and is injured in a motorcycle collision, they still have some options. Hospitals can write a letter of protection, which guarantees payment from the insurance proceeds that can be recovered from the third party. A payment plan is also possible because hospitals may hold off from turning bill payments over to collections.

Initial Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident

Regarding health insurance after a motorcycle accident in Glastonbury, the first thing an injured motorcyclist should do is get appropriate treatment. Once they visit a medical professional, they should reach out to an experienced attorney who can handle speaking with the insurance company.

An injured person should not wait to see what the insurance company offers before contacting a lawyer. This is because the insurance company may not offer a reasonable amount of money to someone who is unrepresented. When a person reaches out to a lawyer first, this allows the injured victim to take the time they need to heal while a lawyer can properly negotiate with the insurance company.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

One benefit of working with a lawyer when dealing with health insurance companies after a Glastonbury motorcycle crash is that health insurance companies understand that an accomplished attorney can properly investigate as to whether or not a company actually has a lien or it is just asserting one. Often, there is no right to have a lien, but they claim it anyway. Another benefit to retaining legal counsel is that insurance companies know that diligent lawyers may be able to seek all appropriate reductions for the claimant’s medical bills.

Call a Glastonbury Attorney to Learn More About Health Insurance for Motorcycle Accidents

Dealing with injuries after a motorbike accident can be difficult, but with the added pressure of medical bills piling up can make it more challenging to recover. If you were involved in a motorbike crash, you should contact a skilled attorney to discuss health insurance in Glastonbury motorcycle accidents. Legal counsel could deal with insurance companies while you focus on recovery. Reach out to our office today to schedule a consultation.


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