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Motorcycle accidents can happen for many different reasons. In some cases, the collision may have been impacted by motorcycle defects or issues that led to a recall. Someone who has suffered severe injuries or property damage may want to learn about how Glastonbury motorcycle defects and recalls could potentially influence their case. If you or a family member experienced such a collision, reach out to a diligent motorcycle accident attorney to start reviewing legal options that may be applicable to your case. Call now and arrange for a meeting.

Common Defects and Recalls Surrounding Motorcycles

Motorcycle safety recalls are pretty common. For example, some major motorcycle companies, such as Harley-Davidson, have recalled certain models due to a dangerous problem with a clutch disengaging. A defect can impact how a motorcycle operates and a driver’s ability to stay safe on the roadway. As a result, it is important for a motorcyclist to be informed of these issues as soon as possible. Generally, the National Highway Transportation Safety Board website lists all the safety recalls with different bikes, but any part of a bike could be recalled. However, in some rare cases, a manufacturer may fail to conduct a recall or not immediately announce the defect. They could also potentially attempt to hide it.

In the event where a manufacturer fails to recognize the imminent need for a recall of a motorcycle part or model and an accident occurs due to deficiency of that part or model, liability generally falls on the manufacturer or upon the person who sold the vehicle. It could be on the dealer, but liability would typically fall on all of those parties and they could be held accountable for selling or shipping a defective product. Regardless of the type of motorcycle defect or recall, a skilled Glastonbury attorney could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and fight for fair compensation.

Difference Between a Motorcycle Defect and Recall

In Glastonbury, a defect in a motorcycle part does not automatically mean that there will be a recall issued for the model. When a defect is identified, it often refers to when a product or a portion of a product does not perform properly or as expected and therefore renders it unsafe. In other words, a defect is something that could cause an injury to the motorcycle ride or others on the road. A recall would be something issued by the manufacturer by law to advise consumers that a specific model needs to be taken to a mechanic to have a part repaired. The manufacturer generally will determine whether a motorcycle part or an entire motorcycle model should be recalled through engineers at the manufacturer, in conjunction with the National Highway Transportation Safety Board. They typically will do it based upon their testing, accident reports, claims made, and data received from mechanics.

Contact a Glastonbury Attorney About Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

Glastonbury motorcycle defects and recalls could deeply impact your safety as a rider. If you believe a defect or issue that spurred a recall impacted your motorcycle collision, consider speaking with a reliable motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney who is familiar with motorbike recalls and defects could examine the factors surrounding your collision and work to demonstrate how a negligent manufacturer or dealership acted recklessly and contributed to your crash. Call now.


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