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Some of the most common Glastonbury motorcycle accident injuries include fractures, particularly tubular fibula fractures in the legs and arms. Head injuries are also common even if the motorcyclist is wearing a helmet. It is possible that they can suffer a concussion due to the impact with the road or the other vehicle. Broken bones and skin injuries are frequently seen following a motorcycle collision. People who suffer road rash may need to have skin grafts.

An accomplished motorcycle accident attorney who is knowledgeable about the common injuries following a wreck could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Motorcyclists are Vulnerable to Significant Injuries

An aspect of a motorcycle crash that can aggravate injuries beyond how they might be sustained in car accidents is the fact that the operator of a motorcycle is more vulnerable. People see much more significant broken bones than they would see in a car wreck. The lack of protection makes motorcycle accidents more severe than car collisions. Everything is going to be exacerbated in a motorcycle accident because of the force involved. If the motorcyclist’s body collides into something, they can see significant internal trauma.

Head Injuries Following a Motorcycle Collisions

One of the most common motorcycle accident injuries riders suffer in Glastonbury is a traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury is any injury that sustained to the brain as a result of trauma. This can be anything from a concussion, which can be classified as a mild traumatic brain injury, to something much more severe.

Anytime the head collides with something or the brain moves within the skull, people are at risk for a traumatic brain injury. If a motorcyclist hits their head on the pavement or collides with a car in front of them, it is going to result in movement of the brain in the cranial cavity. This could result in some sort of traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries are significant because there is a limited ability to repair it. If someone breaks an arm, they can have it surgically repaired. This is different for a brain injury. Doctors likely will not operate or give medicine. That makes life more difficult because a traumatic brain injury could very well be permanent. It could lead to memory issues, sleep issues, and nausea. Head trauma does not just have immediate consequences but can have long-lasting ones as well.

Broken Bones in Motorcycle Crashes

Broken bones can occur in a motorcycle accident in many different ways. In a motorcycle crash, the motorcyclist body may collide with the road, a barrier, or a vehicle, which can lead to broken bones. The motorcyclist’s body is exposed and there is no protection. When they are in a car, they are encased in a steel frame of a motor vehicle that is designed to crumble around them to protect the passenger compartment. It does not take much to break a bone, so these injuries are much more common in Glastonbury motorcycle accidents.

The consequences of sustaining broken bones are that they can result in plates and surgeries. A person may be more likely to have arthritis in the future. They may possibly need revision surgery in the future. There are many serious consequences to breaking a bone, depending on what broken bone is broken, how it is broken, and the severity of it.

Long-Term Consequences of Common Glastonbury Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Brain injuries have substantial long-term consequences because there it is more difficult to recover from them. Injuries to joints can result in arthritis and lack of mobility in the future. Road rash can result in scarring, which can be permanent.

One someone has suffered a significant injury, it is crucial that they get the compensation that they deserve. A dedicated attorney who knows what the common Glastonbury motorcycle accident injuries are could help you recover damages. Call now to discuss how our team could help you.


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