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There are thousands of trained doctors and nurses who want to help sick or injured people get better. Unfortunately, sometimes this might lead to an incorrect diagnosis which creates further complications. A Glastonbury misdiagnosis malpractice lawyer could help you file a lawsuit if that is the case. It can be difficult to prove negligence in this regard, which is why you would benefit from a trained medical malpractice attorney.

What Does Misdiagnosis Mean in a Malpractice Case?

A misdiagnosis means that a doctor thought a medical situation was one thing, when in fact it was something else, leading to injury or harm to the patient. That might mean the patient develops cancer that was not identified early or that they were treated for some other condition, when in fact they were having a heart attack.

Some of the most common forms of misdiagnosis involve failing to identify cancer, with colon cancer being the most common. It is often diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids instead. If left untreated for too long, it could have deadly consequences.

Misdiagnosis differs from other malpractice cases in that the plaintiff’s case not only needs to explain why the medical professional came to their incorrect conclusion, but also why the evidence was there for the correct conclusion to be reached. They will have to explain what the proper protocols are for testing, diagnostics, and interpretation. This often requires the use of a medical expert who can speak with authority about what should have been done in a given situation. A misdiagnosis malpractice lawyer in Glastonbury usually has access to numerous potential experts.

Differential Diagnosis

Many medical situations can be difficult to properly diagnose, as sometimes they can share symptoms with other ailments. If a doctor followed what is called “differential diagnosis” in trying to rule out various explanations, no harm came to the patient, and proper protocols and procedures were filed, then no medical negligence has occurred.

How to Prevent Misdiagnosis

In order to reduce or prevent the occurrence of misdiagnosis, hospitals should properly train their staff in differential diagnosis and which medical conditions are hardest to spot. They should also know how to read blood results and other tests that they run. If a patient wishes to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, they should disclose all of their symptoms to their doctors.

What Should a Patient Discuss with a Lawyer?

If someone approaches legal counsel for a potential lawsuit, they should be prepared to tell a Glastonbury incorrect diagnosis lawyer what they originally disclosed to the doctor, what kinds of tests they underwent, what they were diagnosed with, and where they were treated. An attorney will then attempt to acquire the patient’s medical records so they can look at the same information that the doctor used to reach their conclusion. A case may be more difficult if the patient was misdiagnosed with a benign ailment in the emergency room and there is not much of a record to go on. It is important for a lawyer to learn as much about the situation upfront as possible in order to determine if a case is even possible.

Discuss Your Case with a Glastonbury Misdiagnosis Malpractice Attorney

Misdiagnosis cases are difficult to pursue but your odds will increase if there is a documented medical trail to utilize. You should not have to suffer financially because of a medical professional’s mistake. Call a Glastonbury misdiagnosis malpractice lawyer now to learn what might be possible in your situation.


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