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After a canine attack, you may be left traumatized and unsure about your next steps. Additionally, there are unique aspects of Glastonbury dog bite cases that make them difficult to pursue without a skilled and experienced attorney. A dedicated attorney could handle these legal challenges while you focus on your recovery.

Unique Aspects of Compensation

One of the unique aspects of canine bite cases in Glastonbury is how a court determines compensation. Various types of damage may affect the compensation a person can receive in a dog attack case. Generally, the more serious the bite that occurs, the more compensation someone receives. The liability and the level of negligence of the dog owner also may be a factor.

For instance, if the dog had bitten someone before and the owner did not take necessary steps to prevent it from happening again, this could greatly impact the financial outcome of a case. It is important to know that compensation is generally not impacted if a claimant knows the dog. In general, the law in this area is simple. The amount of compensation a claimant receives should equal the amount of damage they have incurred due to the dog bite.

How Can Liability be Impacted?

Generally, the liability of the injured person is not affected if they have an existing relationship with the owner of the dog that bit them. However, it could be difficult for people to want to bring claims against their family members or friends. Those are all issues that an attorney would address at an initial consultation.

Overall, if a dog bites someone and it caused injury, it does not matter what the relationship between the claimant and the owner of the dog is with a few exceptions, such as a husband could not sue a wife and children could not sue the parents.

What Happens to the Dog After a Biting Incident?

The potential consequences for the dog depend on the severity of the bite. Animal control officers, in conjunction with the person advocating for the animal, and a panel would determine when a dog would be euthanized.

In the case of a severe bite that causes permanent injury, the dog is likely to be euthanized. However, if the court determines that a dog was teased, tormented, or abused at the time of the incident, this could impact the decision to euthanize. Additionally, if that dog has bitten someone before or in was aggressive and caused injury without being provoked, the dog may be put down.

Speak with an Attorney to Learn More About the Unique Aspects of Dog Attack Claims in Glastonbury

For dog attack cases, claimants should know that the laws may be confusing in terms of who to sue and how long a person has. It is important to speak with someone knowledgeable about those issues to make sure their claim is protected. To learn more about the unique aspects of Glastonbury dog bite cases, call today.


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