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A dog bite injury is not a small incident to experience. It can have lasting and traumatizing effects on a person’s life and world view. As a result, it is important for an injured person to understand the potential impact of strict liability in a Glastonbury dog bite case. An injured individual may want to strongly consider speaking with a detail-oriented dog bite attorney. In cases of strict liability, it is relatively common for a dog owner to accuse an injured person of teasing or tormenting their pet as a form of legal defense. An attorney who is familiar with fighting such counterclaims could advocate on an injured person’s behalf and work to secure compensation from a liable party.

Understanding Strict Liability in a Dog Bite Incident

In most civil cases, it is typically the injured party’s responsibility to prove how another individual acted recklessly and cause their injury. However, in cases of strict liability, determining fault is typically not the main focus. Throughout the state of Connecticut, including the town of Glastonbury, there is a strict liability statute regarding dog bite incidents. Subsequently, if an individual is bitten by a dog and injury results, the owner of the dog is typically liable. In some cases, a dog owner may allege that an injured person tormented, teased or provoked the dog and therefore claim they are not responsible. A lawyer could examine the factors of the case and work to refute the claims brought by the defense.

Leash Laws

In conjunction with a strict liability statute regarding dog bites, Glastonbury also has leash laws. The law typically stipulates that when a dog is on public property or town property they must be leashed. If a dog owner fails to leash their canine while on public grounds, it could impact the case and further show how the owner acted recklessly.

Benefits of Working with an Attorney

While proving fault is not always the main focus of a dog bite case under the strict liability statute, it is still generally important for an injured person to show that the incident occurred and that they suffered an injury. A skilled attorney could review the circumstances surrounding the injury and search for potential eyewitnesses or surveillance camera video footage that might have captured the alleged attack. Additionally, an attorney could research the dog’s history of past behavior or bite incidents which may further inform an injured person’s comprehensive legal strategy.

Consult Our Team About Glastonbury’s Strict Liability Statute in Dog Bite Cases

If you were attacked by a vicious dog, consider learning about strict liability in Glastonbury dog bite cases. Injuries from such cases could result in expensive medical treatment and a person may be unsure of how to handle these unexpected costs. Fortunately, a dedicated dog bite lawyer could evaluate the factors that may have contributed to your accident and work to demonstrate how a negligent dog owner is responsible. In many cases, a person may be eligible to receive compensation from the liable party which could help alleviate a person’s financial concerns. Reach out today and arrange for an appointment to begin assessing potential legal strategies that may be effective for your case.


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