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A dog bite claim is a case against an owner when a pet causes damage to the body or property of another person. To have a viable claim, this person must not have been teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog or trespassing at the time that they were bitten.

When filing a Glastonbury dog bite claim, it is important to hire a local attorney. This is because these cases can be serious, and therefore, must be filed in Superior Court instead of a smaller claims court. The lawyer could prepare a summons of the complainant, locate the party that owns the dog, and any insurance coverage that exists. Then, an attorney can serve the defendant.

Statute of Limitations

A potential claimant must file their case against the dog owner within three years of the incident or two years against anyone else that they think may be responsible. Someone such as the landlord also could be responsible for not removing a dog or warning other tenants about a dangerous animal.

In this situation, the proprietor would be subject to a two-year statute. In general, it is safest to file within two years regardless because this may ensure that the case is not tossed out for being untimely. In Glastonbury, the kind of research that goes into developing and submitting a dog bite claim usually involves the investigation of the facts, any witnesses, videos, statements, and records of the dog’s prior aggressive behavior or propensities.

What is the Process for Filing a Dog Attack Case?

The process for filing a dog attack claim in Glastonbury starts with contacting the insurance company and investigating any coverage. This could mean signing letters directly to the owner of a dog or the property to be put in contact with their insurance company. Attorneys then send information to the insurance provider and work with them to investigate the claim.

A legal representative may then end any medical records and bills to negotiate a resolution for the claimant. After an attorney identifies the defendant and determines whether there is any insurance coverage, a dog bite claim could be filed immediately.

After a dog bite claim is processed, usually an insurance company would be in a position to discuss a resolution. If they are willing to make a reasonable offer, this could lead to a resolution of the case. If not, the case would proceed into litigation.

What May Impact a Claim?

The significance of the injuries may positively impact a case. If the plaintiff’s bodily harm is more severe, insurance companies may take a case more seriously and offer more in damages. Additionally, if the dog has a prior history of being violent or aggressive, this could negatively impact the owner’s case.

However, if a claimant cannot develop the case because too much time has passed or they cannot locate any eyewitnesses, videos, or other information about the dog’s owner, a claim could be lost.

Contact an Attorney for Help Filing a Canine Attack Claim in Glastonbury

Filing a Glastonbury dog bite claim can be difficult without a legal advisor. Fortunately, our attorneys could work to ensure that you meet all legal deadlines and build a strong case. To get help on your claim, call today.


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