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If legal actions are necessary following a dog bite, it is crucial to do a thorough investigation. An attorney could start the investigation by gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. It is critical to talk to witnesses as soon as possible before their memory of the accident fades. A lawyer who is experienced with Glastonbury dog bite cases could help with ensuring that the injured victim’s rights are protected.

After a person files a dog bite claim in court in Glastonbury, usually the insurance company will hire an attorney to defend the owner of the dog and both law firms involved will start the initial exchange of information to begin the case.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries following a dog bite, you should reach out to a seasoned attorney. An experienced dog bite lawyer could advocate for you and help you recover compensation.

Factors Impacting Whether the Case will Go to Court

There are many factors to consider when it comes to settling a Glastonbury dog bite case or going to court. Usually, the amount that the insurance company is willing to offer will determine whether the case will go to court. For instance, if the insurance company is not offering enough money, the claimant may decide to take the case to court. The decision to go to court is always the claimant’s, but the lawyer will make recommendations to them. Typically, trials happen when the compensation offered is not sufficient.

Most of the time, when severe injuries are involved, the insurance company is likely to take the case more seriously and offer more money. However, that is not always the case. If the case goes to trial, the attorney will use their experience to show the jury that the claimant deserves more compensation.

What if There are Multiple Defendants?

A case is usually the same when there are numerous defendants in a dog bite claim. Typically, there is still only one lawsuit that is filed but there may be more parties that they need information from. There will be more questions ask and more people interviewed, but generally, the case process is the same as when there is one defendant.

Dog Bite Settlements

There are many benefits and cons to settling a Glastonbury dog bite case. A settlement is always a guaranteed result that involves a compromise, whereas trials are uncertain. In a trial, the claimant can always get more often what they are asking for, but they can also get less. The amount of risk is what differentiates a trial from a settlement.

Also, someone might choose to settle rather than go to court because litigation can be time-consuming. Trials can last a week or two, depending on the type of case in the court that they are in. Jury trials have uncertain outcomes.

Someone might choose to go to court rather than settle because the money offered is not enough. If they think that a jury is likely to award more than what is being offered, then a lawyer will advise the claimant to go to trial. The goal is to make sure they are fully compensated and fairly compensated for their injuries. If the insurance company is not willing to do that, then they will go to court to recover the damages that they deserve.

Misconceptions Regarding Dog Bite Cases

A common misconception people have about dog bites in Glastonbury is that if they decide to make a claim, the dog will be put down. That is not a decision made by any of the lawyers. Some people are afraid that starting a lawsuit or making a claim is looked down upon, but injured victims often have medical bills that are piling up and their credit is being impacted because of something that they have no control over.

Common Mistakes in Dog Bite Cases in Glastonbury

Some common mistakes that people make regarding dog bite cases are that people wait too long to file a claim or to talk to a lawyer. When they do that, witnesses and evidence can get lost. It is difficult to understand the damages on the date that they were injured. An injured victim may also make a mistake of giving a statement to the insurance company or settling their case for less money than they are entitled to.

To protect their best interests, an injured person should obtain a lawyer who is knowledgeable about Glastonbury dog bite cases. To speak with a seasoned legal professional about your case, contact us today.


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