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When a consumer good breaks or malfunctions, it can sometimes put users and other people around them in danger. In some cases, the danger can be severe enough to cause severe injuries with long-lasting effects.

People who are injured by defective products deserve to be compensated for their losses. Fortunately, a dedicated personal injury attorney may be able to help you do just that. If you were hurt by a broken or dangerous consumer good, a Glastonbury defective products lawyer could represent you in private settlement negotiations or in court and fight for your rights to reimbursement.

How Defective Product Injuries Can Happen

Anything that is manufactured, bought, and sold has the potential to be a defective product. Every product that has a problem, though, can be defective in its own way. From airbags that send metal shards into a vehicle’s passenger compartment when they deploy to cell phone batteries that overheat and catch fire, the ways that a product can break or be defective are unfortunately limitless.

However, for the purposes of recovering civil compensation, it is critical to identify exactly what caused a product to be dangerously defective. In Glastonbury, there are three primary types of defects recognized as potential grounds for a civil case. If someone has further questions about whether their goods-related injury may constitute a defective products claim, they should contact a Glastonbury attorney.

Design Defects

In some situations, the problems with a defective product come from a fundamental flaw in the product’s design. Since this means the product was negligently designed, it also means that every incarnation of that product which was made under that design is likely to be a danger to whoever buys or uses it. As such, these types of defective product cases are often vast, because potentially thousands of individual products are implicated.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are more common but less wide-reaching. These cases involve just one or a small handful of individual products that were negligently manufactured based on a legitimate and safe design, usually due to a mistake during the manufacturing or assembly process.

Failure to Warn or Advertising Defect

Finally, there are products that use a safe design and are manufactured to the specifications of the design, but which are marketed inaccurately or sold without proper advisement of inherent risks related to use. In these cases, buyers or users of the product may get hurt because they are not warned of an unreasonably dangerous aspect of the product, or are not informed of how to use the product properly by that product’s packaging.

Recovering Damages in a Defective Product Case

Like other personal injury cases in Connecticut, defective products claims in Glastonbury abide by the state’s rules of comparative negligence. As its name implies, this principle compares the negligence of the makers of the product at issue with the negligence of the person who ended up getting hurt when the product broke. Any negligence on the part of the person who was hurt diminishes their maximum available recovery should their case be successful.

The implications of the comparative negligence rule can be very important in some cases. Additionally, defective products claims need to be filed within three years of the injury in order to comply with the state’s statute of limitations, which is outlined in Connecticut General Statutes §52-577a. Discussing a products liability case with a Glastonbury defective products attorney could help ensure that any comparative negligence problems are not unanticipated and those important time limitations are followed.

Call a Glastonbury Defective Products Attorney Today

If you were hurt by a defective product, talking to an attorney could assist you with understanding your rights and deciding whether to pursue compensation by filing a lawsuit. Reach out to a Glastonbury defective products lawyer today for a consultation that could help you decide the best course of action.


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