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Prescription and over-the-counter medications are essential to the daily wellbeing of millions of Americans, but that, unfortunately, does not mean they are always completely safe to use. If you suffered undue harm from taking a medication you thought was safe, a Glastonbury dangerous drugs lawyer could help you take legal action. A seasoned personal injury attorney experienced in this kind of case could help you stand up to the negligent pharmaceutical company, enforce your legal rights, and potentially recover compensation for your related losses.

What Makes a Drug Dangerous?

While the FDA must approve every drug meant to be sold to consumers before it becomes available, certain loopholes sometimes allow drugs to proceed through the approval process with relatively little scrutiny. For example, the FDA’s 510(k) process allows drug manufacturers to skip a large portion of the approval process if they submit evidence that their product is substantially similar to another product already on the market.

Whether it is through this process, FDA error, or intentional malfeasance by a drug manufacturer, there are several ways in which an unreasonably dangerous medication may be allowed onto the market. A Glastonbury unsafe drugs lawyer could help an individual determine which of the following types of errors may be relevant to their case.

Design Error

Drugs that are designed poorly or in a way that makes them unsafe may result in civil liability for the manufacturer if they cause harm to a consumer. In the context of dangerous drugs, this type of error most often takes the form of undisclosed side effects that the manufacturer was previously not aware of.

Manufacturing Error

If a malfunction or mistake occurs during the manufacturing or packaging of a medication, a small batch of that product may be unsuitable for consumer use. Depending on the circumstances, different parties may bear liability for such a mistake, including the original manufacturer, a company responsible for transporting the drug, or the store where the drug was sold. A defective drugs lawyer could help uncover evidence of manufacturing errors.

Marketing Error

If a drug company is aware of a dangerous side effect but fails to notify consumers about it, they may be held liable for a marketing error. Also known as a failure to warn, this mistake may involve either a failure to disclose a side effect or give proper instructions on how to take the medication safely.

How Does Someone Seek Recovery from Pharmaceutical Companies in Glastonbury?

Like with any civil lawsuit, a person filing a dangerous medication lawsuit could pursue compensation for any damages they suffered from another party’s negligence, including medical bills, lost work wages, pain and suffering, and more. However, since the defendants in most of these cases are massive pharmaceutical companies with professional legal teams, it can be incredibly difficult for an individual to win in a traditional civil case.

One common alternative in these sorts of scenarios is for multiple plaintiffs to combine their cases into a single class-action lawsuit, allowing them to share evidence and work together to pursue appropriate compensation. An experienced lawyer in Glastonbury could discuss whether starting or joining such a dangerous drugs lawsuit may be possible in a particular situation.

Learn More from a Glastonbury Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Pharmaceutical products are usually extremely helpful, but if one becomes harmful, it may be important to take your legal options under consideration. By talking to a Glastonbury dangerous drugs lawyer, you could get a clear picture of where you stand and the damages you may be able to recover. Call today to set up an initial consultation.

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