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An anoxic brain injury is a traumatic injury that occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen. Anoxic brain injuries can be caused by improper dosages of anesthesia, carbon monoxide inhalation, drug overdose, strangulation, and asthma.

If you believe that the negligence of a doctor, anesthesiologist, or any other party caused you to suffer an anoxic brain injury, you should consider reaching out to a Glastonbury anoxic brain injury lawyer. An experienced attorney could represent you at each point of the legal process and allow you to focus on your treatment and recovery.

Dangers of Anoxic Brain Injuries

The brain is a complicated and difficult organ and one that is challenging to repair. Therefore, an anoxic brain injury can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life. The consequences of an anoxic brain injury can range from movement disorders to behavioral problems and depression. In most cases, the severity of an anoxic brain injury is related to the length of time an individual was deprived of oxygen.

A person who has suffered an anoxic brain injury will require significant treatment. A typical treatment team after an anoxic brain injury could include a speech pathologist, a neuropsychologist, and an occupational therapist. Due to the severity of such an injury, the sufferer may need to make significant modifications to their way of living. If someone has sustained an anoxic brain injury due to another party’s negligence, a Glastonbury attorney could the injured party pursue legal action for their avoidable harm.

Liability in Anoxic Brain Injury Cases

Individuals with an anoxic brain injury should seek out an anoxic brain injury lawyer in Glastonbury, especially if they believe that another person or entity may have caused their injury.

In an anoxic brain injury case, an attorney must prove that another party’s negligence caused the anoxic brain injury. For instance, if someone was given too much anesthesia and it led to the anoxic brain injury, an attorney must prove that error in a court of law. The lawyer must also prove that the error caused specific harm and damages and that the claimant’s life has been significantly affected.

An individual or entity may be held liable an anoxic brain injury if they have made an error or omission that caused someone to lose access to oxygen. In most anoxic brain injury cases, an investigation takes place. An investigating attorney may obtain medical records, police reports, or witness statements. A defendant may only be held liable if they acted negligently and that negligence led to the injury.

An experienced Glastonbury anoxic brain injury attorney could conduct a proper investigation and build a strong case against a defendant to ensure that a plaintiff recovers compensation.

Reach Out to a Glastonbury Anoxic Brain Injury Attorney Today

Do not let your anoxic brain injury prevent you from recovering damages from a negligent party. Consider contacting a seasoned Glastonbury anoxic brain injury lawyer to learn about your legal options. An experienced attorney could review your case to determine whether another party’s negligence led to your injury and if you are eligible for compensation. Call our firm today and set up a consultation with a seasoned legal professional.


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