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A spinal cord injury damages the spine and causes changes in how it functions, which could be loss of muscle function or issues with paralysis or sensation. Some common causes of spinal cord injuries may include falls or motor vehicle accidents.  If someone damages their spine, they may end up at a hospital trauma facility, at least initially. Later, they may end up at a rehabilitation facility.

If a person’s spinal cord is damaged as a result of the negligence of another, there may be a claim to pursue. However, understanding Glastonbury spinal cord injury case can be difficult without an experienced lawyer. A spinal cord injury attorney could walk an individual through the process of filing a claim for damages and work to ensure that they receive fair compensation.

What Should Someone Do Following an Accident?

When it comes to spinal cord injury cases in Glastonbury, it is important to understand what steps to take immediately following an injury. The first call that someone should make following an accident is to their doctor or emergency personnel. Once this person is stabilized, either they should consult a catastrophic injury attorney.

Regardless of how they feel, people should seek medical attention after an accident because sometimes adrenaline kicks, inhibiting their ability to feel if they are hurt. Someone may feel okay after an accident, but the next morning or a day later, they may start to hurt, and the injury could worsen.

Individuals with a spinal cord injury should avoid doing anything their doctor told them not to do, such as lifting anything over a certain weight. It is always a good idea to follow a doctor’s orders and complete treatment. If the doctor recommends physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the spine, they should follow through with that therapy as well.

Preparing a Case

It is difficult to understand the case process for a spinal cord injury claim in Glastonbury without legal counsel. One of the first steps an attorney may take is determining who was responsible for the spinal damage in question and reaching out to all responsible insurance policies. Then, a lawyer may investigate the damages by consulting with experts and evaluating what the cost of future medical care could be.

The best way a lawyer can go about collecting and presenting evidence is to be thorough. They also should ensure that the evidence is collected and preserved in a way that helps them explain to the court what is going on in the case. Evidence in a spine injury case may include medical records, pictures, statements from the injured party, testimony from their doctors, and testimony of expert witnesses regarding liability.

The claimant usually has a large role in gathering and presenting the evidence because they describe what happened, who their lawyer should talk to, where they were treated, and what is going on in their life. In addition to seeking medical attention immediately, a claimant can help their lawyer handle their case by being honest, telling their story, and keeping their attorney informed about their treatment.

Obtaining Damages for Long-Term Treatment

Life can become extremely different for a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury. They may become paralyzed, radically changing their life. A lawyer could help a person financially deal with these changes by achieving a structured settlement that will be paid out in increments over time. This settlement would have to be negotiated with insurance companies. It is important to have an attorney during these talks because some insurance companies will try to avoid paying anything that they can.

Long-term treatment options for spine damage may involve anything from physical therapy to robotics. Increasingly, there are robotic exoskeletons that can help people who have a spinal cord injury regain some mobility. Physical therapy can be relatively inexpensive. However, if the spine damage results in paralysis and involves modifications to a home or vehicle, this an become very expensive.

How Does Spine Damage Affect the Family?

Spinal damage cases in Glastonbury can entirely change the family because it is not just an injury to an individual; it is an injury to the family. The person may not be able to drive or do a lot of things they used to be able to do to take care of themselves. In Connecticut, a spouse can claim loss of consortium and get compensation for damages to their marriage, such as the inability of the injured party to contribute to the household. Children under the age of 18 in Connecticut also are may able to be compensated for loss of parental consortium for such things as an inability to perform any parental duties.

Contact a Glastonbury Attorney for Help Understanding Spinal Damage Cases

The role of a catastrophic injury lawyer is to understand what the claimant is going through as much as somebody without the injury can understand it, and be able to articulate those losses. The lawyer must articulate to a jury, judge, defense counsel, or insurance company what the injured party is going through in a way that resonates with them.

A person seeking advice from a spine injury attorney should look for somebody who has experience in these cases, who listens and is compassionate, and perhaps has written or spoken about spinal damage. Additionally, this person should contact a lawyer who has experience in these cases so they know how to accurately calculate potential damages and secure financial stability for a claimant and their family. For help understanding Glastonbury spinal cord injury cases, contact our office today.


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