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As defined by Glastonbury law, common carriers are public transportation and delivery vehicles. This includes taxis, limousines, cabs, Uber, and shuttles. Uber is the most popular type of hired vehicle. Since cases involving Uber and taxi collisions may contain multiple parties with their own interests, plaintiffs are recommended to consult a Glastonbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer. Reach out to a seasoned car wreck attorney for help building an injury claim.

Comparing Taxi/Uber Accidents With Other Car Crashes

Glastonbury common carrier laws dictate that if a person is driving for a company, the company could be held liable with the individual for injuries that are caused. Under Connecticut law, taxi status as a common carrier requires Uber to maintain a million dollar insurance policy for its drivers who are operating their vehicle in the course of an Uber ride. Connecticut law typically has $250,000 in insurance coverage. The biggest thing to consider with almost any car accident now is to ascertain whether the driver was operating their vehicle as an Uber vehicle.

Who is Liable in an Uber Accident?

The driver of the vehicle who caused the Uber accident, and Uber itself, is liable since they are required to have that million-dollar policy in Connecticut. The claim is never brought against Uber itself. While it is brought against the driver, there is an Uber insurance policy in place. The laws have changed with Uber and Lyft by requiring increased insurance.

What Should Someone Do After an Accident with an Uber Driver?

If a person is in a crash with an Uber driver, they are recommended to contact Uber and the driver immediately. When the Uber app is running, it is collecting data. One of the first things the individual could do is reach out to both Uber and the driver and preserve this data for use as evidence at a later time. A Glastonbury Uber/taxi accident attorney could help plaintiffs collect this data from Uber or taxi companies. After collecting the evidence, the lawyer could help injured individuals build their case. A lawyer could ensure that a strong claim is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

Recovering Damages

To recuperate damages caused by a car accident with an Uber driver, the claim must be made and a letter of representation has to be sent to the driver or the owner of the vehicle. The driver may then turn the information over to their insurance company. A lawyer’s standard letter of representation will require that they disclose whether they were operating an Uber at the time. While punitive damages are typically not involved in Uber accidents, an exception could be made if the Uber driver was operating their vehicle recklessly.

Hire a Glastonbury Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney

Following a wreck caused by an Uber driver, Uber may attempt to wiggle its way out of paying claims. This is why it is important to reach out to an accomplished attorney as soon as possible. A Glastonbury Uber/taxi accident lawyer could investigate the car crash and help hold the at-fault party responsible. Call today to set up a consultation and let a skilled legal professional fight for your right to compensation.


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