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The injuries and damages a person experiences following a car crash can vary depending on the type of collision. A broadside collision is one type of accident that has the propensity to incur significant injuries and property damage. This is frequently because a vehicle that is hit on the side has a limited amount of time to react. A person who has experienced such an accident may greatly benefit from speaking with a dedicated Glastonbury side-impact collision lawyer. A well-practiced car accident attorney could review the factors surrounding a person’s collision and work to identify a negligent party.

In many cases, when a person is able to demonstrate how another driver caused their injuries and property damage they may be eligible for financial compensation. Call today and schedule a legal consultation to start reviewing your potential options.

Factors Behind a Side-Impact Collision

In most cases, a side-impact collision is when one vehicle T-bones or sideswipes another, usually resulting in an impact to either the passenger’s or driver’s side of the vehicle. This type of accident is also known as a broadside collision.

Some of the most common fact patterns surrounding side-impact collisions involve one driver’s failure to yield the right of way. When this occurs, a negligent driver may have proceeded through a red light, ignored a stop sign, or failed to yield to oncoming traffic. A person may also experience a side-impact collision if another driver recklessly attempts to execute an unsafe lane change. Regardless of the circumstances, a person injured in a T-bone car wreck should contact a skilled Glastonbury side-impact collision lawyer. An attorney who understands such cases could work to build a compelling case against the at-fault party and help advocate on behalf of an injured individual in court.

What Are Some Common Injuries Following a Broadside Car Accident?

Following a side-impact collision, a person may suffer severe injuries that may limit their mobility or reduce their quality of life.  Oftentimes injuries in a side-impact collision may include:

These injuries can require extensive medical treatment and result in costly medical bills. A dedicated Glastonbury side-impact accident attorney could request the proper documentation of the injuries and assist in developing a legal argument that explains how the opposing party’s actions caused the injuries.

What Are the First Steps Someone Should Take After a Collision?

The first step that a person involved in a side impact collision may want to take is to notify law enforcement and seek professional medical treatment. Reporting symptoms in an expedited manner could substantially improve a person’s ability to recover. A person should also attempt to preserve any evidence from the crash. This could include requesting a copy of the police report, pictures of the accident scene or vehicles involved, contact information of the other driver, and names of individuals at the scene.

Potential Available Damages

A person involved in a side-impact collision may be able to recover damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and any future limitations that they may have due to the accident. For example, if they were a runner before and now have a hip injury that no longer allows them to run, this injury may be compensable because that is a significant loss. Depending on if the at-fault driver was intoxicated or acted in a particularly reckless way, a person may be eligible to pursue punitive damages against them.

Speak with a Qualified Side-Impact Collision Attorney in Glastonbury

Someone who has suffered extensive injuries after a T-bone car accident should reach out to an adept Glastonbury side-impact collision lawyer. They could assess the different aspects of a person’s case and help build an effective legal strategy to hold a careless party accountable. Call today and set up a meeting to discuss potential legal solutions that may be effective for your case.


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