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An auto wreck can devastate a person’s health and financial security. In some cases, a person may be offered a settlement by the defense. Before accepting any type of deal or settlement from the defense, an injured person should consult legal counsel familiar with determining whether to settle a Glastonbury car accident claim. An experienced car accident lawyer could review the details of the settlement and work to identify areas of the proposed agreement that may be detrimental to an injured person’s best interests. Call today and start exploring your potential legal options.

What Are Some Aspects of a Settlement to Consider?

When determining whether to settle a Glastonbury car accident claim, a person may want to consider several different factors. These factors may include how much insurance is available to pay the claim. In rare cases, when an individual is extensively injured, there may not be a sufficient amount of insurance to cover the entirety of a person’s injuries. An attorney who is familiar with investigating auto wreck cases could potentially work with a private investigator to run a personal asset search and find out whether there is hidden money.


Another factor is that a settlement is strongly impacted by the negotiation and discussion between parties. Each party has its own set of priorities and generally will attempt to negotiate in a way that benefits their best interests. This could make agreeing upon a settlement offer a more difficult or longer process. In some cases, a person may want to consider mediation which is a process that could occur in private or with a judge.

Risks of a Trial

It is also important to note that taking a case to trial could be risky and more expensive than a settlement. A person generally does not know how a trial will end and the judge is not guaranteed to side with an injured party. A dedicated attorney who is well-informed in the process of settling an auto collision could review the details of a person’s crash and work to develop a comprehensive legal strategy. Reach out today and schedule an appointment.

Why Would Someone Refuse a Settlement Proposal?

Someone might refuse to take a settlement offer and instead go to trial if the terms of the settlement offer are unfair. Some insurance companies may attempt to offer a settlement amount that is incredibly low to cut their own costs down. An car accident attorney in Glastonbury could look over the proposal and help assess whether the settlement is worth consideration.

If there is a lien involved in the case, a person may view it as another reason to refuse the settlement offer. They may be concerned with receiving compensation and feel that they might have nothing to lose in taking the case to trial.

Contact an Attorney When Determining Whether to Settle a Glastonbury Car Accident Claim

A car accident can present a person with many different challenges. The recovery process is not easy and often requires a lot of support from family and friends. If you or a family member were injured in an auto collision because of another individual’s negligence, contact a proactive attorney for assistance in determining whether to settle a Glastonbury car accident claim. A reliable lawyer could investigate the crash and fight tirelessly to advocate on your behalf. Call today and begin assessing legal options that could be effective for your case.


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