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There are many different factors surrounding the process of recovering from a car accident. One of the most important steps is calculating Glastonbury car accident settlements accurately. If a person suffers extensive injuries they may require future medical treatment or a change in their lifestyle. As a result, it is highly encouraged for an injured individual to speak with a skilled car accident lawyer during the settlement process to help determine what settlement amount could best meet their needs.

Determining the Amount of a Settlement

The settlement amount is often influenced by the demands of the plaintiff and the defendant. There is typically a lot of negotiation going on as both sides have certain priorities that are important to them. If the terms of an agreement are acceptable to both sides a settlement is likely to occur, however if one side views something as unfair the negotiation process could keep going. Ultimately, it is a combination between what the defendant offers and how much money the injured individual is willing to accept.

How is a Settlement Calculated?

A settlement is generally calculated by looking at the damages that have been incurred by the injured party. Damages that may be considered during this process often include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. A dedicated car accident lawyer who is familiar with calculating Glastonbury car accident settlements typically examines all the different injuries that the plaintiff has suffered and the factors surrounding the crash in order to help determine an appropriate amount. However, there is not an exact formula to determine how much a person’s damages are worth in a settlement. Many injuries impact people differently and as a result, the amount is generally determined on a case by case basis.

What is the Possible Influence of a Jury on a Settlement?

The jury may have an involvement in the way a settlement is calculated to some degree. A jury typically assigns the value at trial, so if the case is tried by the jury, the jury generally will award an amount of damages. Sometimes, a jury verdict settles a case and it is over. Other times, someone may take an appeal of a verdict and potentially use the jury’s number in the appeal as a basis for further settlement negotiations.

Potential Impact of Plaintiff Negligence

Negligence on the part of the injured person in Glastonbury generally does affect the settlement amount. In Connecticut, the negligence of an injured party typically reduces their settlement amount. For example, if someone is found to be 30% negligent and they typically will only be eligible to recover 70% of their overall damages. Furthermore, an injured person who is found negligent over 51% may be considered ineligible to pursue damages.

Contact an Attorney About Calculating Car Accident Settlements in Glastonbury

With many factors to consider while calculating Glastonbury car accident settlements, an injured person may greatly benefit from seeking legal counsel. An experienced car accident lawyer could examine the factors that may have contributed to the crash and work to establish another individual’s negligent in court. If you or a loved one suffered severe injuries due to a negligent motorist, call and schedule an appointment with a reliable attorney to start assessing your legal options.


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