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Auto collisions can be dangerous regardless of the circumstances. When a driver causes an accident and fails to stop at the scene, the risks associated with such a collision may increase drastically. Severe injuries are common in car accidents, and if an injured person is left without assistance, the injuries could become fatal.

If you suffered significant injuries in a hit and run collision, you should reach out to a compassionate Glastonbury hit and run accident lawyer. A hardworking personal injury attorney could review the factors that may have contributed to your case and work to identify legal strategies that could hold a negligent driver accountable. Call today and arrange for an appointment to begin discussing your legal goals.

What Are the General Conditions Surrounding Hit and Run Collisions?

A hit and run car wreck typically refers to when a driver strikes a pedestrian or another motor vehicle and flees the scene. There are several reasons why a person may choose to flee the scene of a car accident. Individuals who are intoxicated at the time of the collision or under the influence of drugs may leave the scene in an attempt to avoid being charged with a DUI. Another common reason for hit and run accidents is that a person may panic. A person who was injured due to a negligent driver that fled the scene should speak with a diligent Glastonbury hit and run accident lawyer. They could examine the case facts and advocate on an injured individual’s behalf in court.

Role of an Attorney in a Hit and Run Case

A Glastonbury hit and run accident lawyer could fulfill a significant role in an injured person’s case by collecting evidence and fact-checking the details of the police report. This may include buy cheap 37.5 obtaining any photographs and video footage of the accident. An attorney may also be able to identify potential witnesses. If a person has trouble identifying the individual who struck them, there may be surveillance video footage or eyewitnesses that could help substantiate fault. Retaining the legal services of a skilled attorney who understands Glastonbury hit and run crashes may substantially improve the outcome of an injured person’s case.

What Are Potential Damages in a Failure to Stop After Collision Incident?

Recoverable damages in a hit-and-run case may include economic damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity. Potential non-economic damages may include loss of enjoyment of life and any sort of permanent thing that a person may no longer be able to do. For example, if a professional sports player was injured by a hit and run driver and could no longer work in that profession, they may be eligible for such damages.

Punitive Damages

Additionally, intent may largely impact the case. If it can be found that the at-fault driver handled their vehicle recklessly or intentionally caused the collision, they may be held liable through punitive damages as well. Typically, this would involve a Glastonbury hit and run accident attorney to prove that there was a significant deviation from the standard of care beyond ordinary negligence.

Contact an Adept Hit and Run Accident Attorney in Glastonbury

If you were injured because another driver operated their vehicle in a reckless manner and fled the scene, contact a reliable Glastonbury hit and run accident lawyer. They could assess the aspects of the collision and work to hold the negligent driver accountable in court. Reach out today and schedule a legal consultation to get started on your case.


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