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A car accident injury case caused by a drunk driver is different from other car accident injury cases in that it exposes the driver to a potential claim of recklessness. A drunk driver could be subject to not only a criminal case but also a civil case. If you were injured in a car crash that was caused by a drunk driver, reach out to a dedicated car accident attorney. A Glastonbury drunk driving accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve.

What Are Some Common Patterns Associated with Intoxicated Driving Wrecks?

Drunk driving accidents frequently occur on Route 2, which is on the way from the casinos. Also, wrecks tend to take place at night when people have been drinking. The demographics of drivers range from all ages, from people who are under age 18 all the way up to the elderly. Drinking driving is an offense that does not discriminate.

Seeking Damages Following a Drunk Driving Accident

In drunk driving accidents, the plaintiff’s lawyer could fight to ensure the plaintiff’s past and future medical bills are paid. They may pursue compensation for the pain and the loss of enjoyment of life that they have gone through. Since plaintiffs may be unable to run, ride their bikes, or do the things that they love to do following a drunk driving accident, the Glastonbury attorney could seek damages for such things. Under the law, a person could also seek punitive damages, which are damages intended to punish the at-fault party.

Criminal and Civil Cases

After a drunk driving wreck, the injured driver does not have to press charges against the accused. The local police department typically presses the charges since the crime is against society. Even if the plaintiff is one person, it is the town or the state that decides to prosecute the individual who did it.

The injury case and the criminal case are typically handled separately. There are two different courts, with one prosecuting the civil case and the state prosecuting the criminal case. The town of Glastonbury or the Glastonbury Police Department will pursue its criminal charges against the drunk driver. The only instance of them being handled by the same entity could be when a lawyer represents a complainant in criminal court. An intoxicated driving wreck attorney in Glastonbury could ensure that the injured person’s voice is heard throughout the criminal proceeding.

Can an Injured Driver Have Liability?

In cases where the injured drive is found partially responsible for the accident, negligence could still be pursued when the majority of the fault belongs to the drunk driver. This is typically done if the injured driver is found at a minimum partially responsible for the accident. If the injured person is driving drunk and they caused an accident, their negligence will make them liable for their own medical bills.

Reach Out to a Glastonbury Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

While the aftermath of a drunk driving accident could leave a person devastated and overwhelmed, help could be available in the form of a Glastonbury drunk driving accident lawyer. A skilled attorney could explain how drunk driving crashes occur and what damages the injured individual may be entitled to. After a car accident caused by a drunk driver, the injured party is involved in the legal process as much as they want to be and as they feel appropriate. An injured person could let their attorney handle the legal proceedings while they manage their health. Call today to learn more.


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