While bus accidents are relatively rare in Glastonbury, they can cause severe injuries that could saddle injured individuals with devastating medical conditions and lots of bills to pay. Worse, many bus accidents injuries are incurred by children who will have to live with the consequences of the crash for the rest of their lives.

Whether the bus was a municipal bus or a commercial vehicle can make a huge difference in how your case proceeds and in its outcome. If you or a loved one were hurt in a bus accident, a Glastonbury bus accident lawyer could help you invoke your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact a resourceful personal injury attorney to start reviewing your legal options.

Municipal Bus Crashes

Municipal buses are those that are run by the local or state government, such as CTtransit. Because these buses are run by government authorities, lawsuits that stem from accidents generally implicate the government as the liable party.

To protect taxpayer funds from meritless civil litigation, certain state laws have erected procedural hurdles that need to be overcome before a lawsuit may be filed after a municipal bus accident. These hurdles can greatly complicate a case for compensation, so talking to a skilled Glastonbury bus accident attorney could be extremely beneficial for an injured individual.

School Bus Collisions

Bus accident cases involving school buses are similar to those stemming from municipal bus accidents, in that the bus in the question was run and driven by employees of the local government. Therefore, any lawsuit that stems from a school bus wreck in Glastonbury must overcome the same procedural hurdles present in a municipal bus accident case.

However, the injuries frequently suffered in a school bus accident tend to be far more severe than those in a municipal bus crash, since the victims are almost always younger. The long-term repercussions of those injuries are more likely to saddle the victim with debilitations that have long-term financial repercussions—and accordingly may necessitate significant damage settlements.

Bus Accidents Involving Commercial Buses

Accidents that involve commercial buses typically follow the more traditional rules of personal injury law. Without the complications of suing the state or local government or one of its agencies, a bus crash lawyer in Glastonbury could focus on proving that the bus driver had a duty to keep the victim safe, violated that duty, and directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Furthermore, they could work to implicate the bus company in the lawsuit and make them pay for the costs of the damages. Based on the principle of respondeat superior, a company may be held liable for their employee’s negligence if they acted negligently while performing work-related duties and the company was the primary beneficiary of their labor.

Contact a Glastonbury Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents often cause severe injuries because of the size of commercial buses and the force they may contribute to a collision. Whether you are a pedestrian, bus passenger, or occupant of another motor vehicle struck during a bus crash in Glastonbury, the results of the incident can be devastating.

Regardless of the circumstances, a compassionate Glastonbury bus accident lawyer could examine the circumstances surrounding your wreck and work to hold negligent parties accountable. Call today to start reviewing legal strategies that may be applicable to your case.