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There are certain steps a person should take after they have been involved in a bicycle accident. By taking these steps, they could ensure that they get the medical care they need and protect their ability to recover compensation. Read below to learn about what to do after a bicycle accident in Glastonbury. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer could help you file a claim and recover damages if you were injured in a bicycle collision.

Seeking Medical Attention

The most important thing to do immediately following a bicycle accident is to make sure that they are okay and safe. If able to, they should move out of the way and not get into another accident. They should then seek medical treatment right away. Medical care is critical for a person’s health and their claim. They should also follow up with any medical appointments and listen to their doctor. If a person is injured in an accident, and they do not get medical treatment, the at-fault party or the insurance company may claim that they are not actually injured and do not deserve compensation. Therefore, injured victims should get medical care as soon as possible.

What to Do If a Person Does Not Have Insurance?

If a person is injured in a bicycle wreck and does not have insurance, they should contact an attorney. A lawyer can run a search to try to obtain any insurance information from the person who hit them.

There are no insurance requirements for bicycles. However, if a bicyclist is operating on the road and they are struck by a motor vehicle, their underinsured motorist coverage will cover them in case of an injury.

What if Biking is Their Primary Method of Transport?

The insurance requirement is not going to change if biking is a person’s primary method of transportation. They want to make sure that they do have proper motor vehicle coverage, particularly underinsured motorist coverage, which will cover them in the event that something happens.

Collecting Evidence Following a Bicycle Collision

Collecting evidence is crucial after a bicycle crash. Crucial evidence following a bicycle collision includes pictures of the scene, video surveillance if there are any available, and witness statements.

A well-versed lawyer who understands what to do after a bicycle accident in Glastonbury could help an injured victim gather and preserve evidence. If evidence is not collected as soon as possible, it may disappear.

Contacting an Attorney After a Bicycle Accident

When a person is injured in a bicycle accident, they should call an attorney as soon as they can. The sooner they get involved in a case, the better. Once retained, an attorney could help ensure the injured person is getting the medical treatment they need and could help preserve evidence. Also, an attorney could help with dealing with the insurance company. A lawyer could protect the injured victim’s best interests and help them recover the compensation that they deserve.

If you were injured in a bicycle collision, an attorney could answer the questions that you have and discuss your legal options. Call today to learn more about what to do after a bicycle accident in Glastonbury.


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