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Traffic laws in Connecticut are written to protect the safety of all those on the road. If a driver is coming upon a cyclist, that driver should expect the cyclist to be following the law and behave accordingly. As a result, cyclists themselves must also follow traffic laws and signals. For instance, they must stop at red lights, use turn signals, and stay on the proper side of the road just like any other motorist. One main difference is that a driver must yield a three-foot right-of-way when passing a cyclist. If you would like to discuss traffic laws for bicyclists in Glastonbury in further detail, you can reach out to a skilled bicycle accident attorney.

The Dangers of Biking on the Roads

While cyclists may ride their bikes throughout Glastonbury on many different types of roadways, biking on the road can be very dangerous because there are a lot of distracted drivers and other hazards on the road. Because cyclists do not have a vehicle to provide them with protection in the event of an accident, what may be a minor accident between two cars can be a fatal one if a vehicle strikes a bike rider. Because of these dangers, Glastonbury traffic laws allow bicyclists to ride on a sidewalk as long as they yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.

Specific Traffic Laws to Bicyclists

A bike rider should know that if they ride their bicycle, they must follow the rules of the road by riding with traffic, not against it. Cyclists have the same rights and obligations as motorists, which requires them to obey all traffic signals and to ride on the proper side of the road.

Can Violations of Traffic Laws Impact a Bicyclist’s Civil Claim?

If a bicyclist is not following the traffic laws in Glastonbury at the time of an accident, a court may find them to be contributorily negligent for any injuries they may sustain. When any plaintiff is found partially negligent, this could mean that the courts may reduce their recovery by the percentage the court found them to be at fault. In some cases, a plaintiff may not be able to recover anything because they are the ones who were majorly at fault.

If a bicyclist is involved in an accident, using ignorance of the law as a defense strategy may not be very strong. As a result, it is important to reach out to a seasoned personal injury attorney who fully understand traffic laws and who pay attention to any changes in these laws.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More about Glastonbury Traffic Laws for Bicyclists

If you are a cyclist who was involved in an accident, contact an attorney to learn more about the traffic laws for bicyclists in Glastonbury. An experienced lawyer could review your case and determine if you were in violation of the law and how this may impact your case. To get started on your claim, call today for a free case consultation with an accomplished legal professional.


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