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When a bicyclist gets struck by a motor vehicle, they could be at risk for severe bodily harm. That is why it is important to take certain precautions when riding your bike. Reach out to an experienced lawyer for tips on preventing Glastonbury bicycle accidents.

What Steps Can Bicyclists Take to Prevent an Accident?

Bicyclists are required to stay in the right-hand lane of any roadway. By following traffic laws such as these, cyclists could avoid getting in a bicycle accident. To reduce the possibility of being hit by a car, a bicyclist can:

  • Wear reflective clothing, especially if they are biking at night
  • Stay aware of their surroundings
  • Avoid consuming drugs, alcohol, or medications that could impair their judgment or ability to operate a bicycle safely

Other road safety measures may include the bicyclist being aware of their surroundings, their general visibility, and the weather conditions. A bicyclist could also prevent an accident in Glastonbury by ensuring that their bike is in good working order. A bicyclist should position themselves on the shoulder of the road and follow the law that requires them to travel with traffic.

Using Hand Signals

For a bicyclist to make a left-hand turn safely, they should cautiously proceed to the middle of the intersection, using proper hand signals to let drivers know that they are turning. A bicyclist using hand turn signals is an effective and simple method for communicating to a driver of their intentions.

Precautions Motorists Can Take

The common misconception that people have about bicycle safety is that cyclists do not have the same rights to the road as motor vehicles. However, this is not true. Cyclists have the right to travel on the roads and should expect drivers to follow the same safety laws.

In Glastonbury, motorists should also take certain precautions to avoid causing an accident with a bicyclist. When a driver is approaching a bicycle, they should give the cyclist extra space if possible. The law requires a minimum distance between a motor vehicle and a bicycle of three feet. If a driver knows about this law when passing, that could prevent a lot of accidents.

Additionally, motorists should slow down and ensure that their eyes are on the road, and their hands are on the steering wheel. Drivers of motor vehicles should avoid startling the cyclists using a horn, and be aware of traffic conditions.

What Are Some Protective Measures Following a Wreck?

The first thing that a bicyclist should do after being involved in an accident is get to safety. If they can, they should get off of the road and make sure that they are in a safe place. Then, they should call emergency personnel if they need assistance.

A bicyclist should always carry their driver’s license or state ID card with their name, address, and emergency contact. It is also important for a cyclist to have a list of any allegories to medications they may have so that EMTs can treat them properly.

The benefit of a bike rider wearing a camera on their body or helmet is that it allows someone to document the chain of events leading up to their accident. This video evidence may help a lawyer and police officer understand who was at fault for the collision.

Speak with an Attorney to Learn How to Prevent Bicycle Accidents in Glastonbury

Preventing Glastonbury bicycle accidents can be simple if you understand the laws surrounding bikes and precautionary measures that are open to you. A knowledgeable attorney could explain these options and regulations so you can be safe while traveling on your bike. To learn more, schedule an appointment with one of your caring lawyers.


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