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Having health insurance benefits give bicyclists much greater access to care in the event of a wreck. However, one of the most unfortunate aspects of any personal injury is that the hurt individual is initially responsible for their medical bills. This means that their health insurance may be the primary source of payment, at least initially.

However, if an injured party obtains compensation at the end of a claim, they may not be responsible for the entire portion of their bills. A knowledgeable attorney could explain health insurance in Glastonbury bicycle accident cases.

What Happens if an Injured Bicyclist Does Not Have Insurance?

One of the first steps an injured party should do following a bike accident in Glastonbury is to submit the bill to their health insurance. However, if a cyclist does not have health insurance and gets injured, they may have a few options.

They can determine if they have medical payments coverage on their automobile policy, which may cover such an event, or they can seek treatment from providers who accept their case in a letter of protection. This means that the medical provider agrees to treat the injured person and accept payment at the end of any claim or lawsuit.

Does Health Insurance Impact a Claimant’s Recovery Amount?

In Glastonbury, health insurance and paid sick leave may not limit a plaintiff’s recovery in a bicycle accident claim. The only way this may happen is if the coverage plan has the right to put a lien on the case. This typically occurs with self-insured or union plans. It also may occur with Medicare or Medicaid, which have lien rights on a claimant’s file and ultimately may result in some or all of their medical bills being reimbursed in the event of settlement.

Health Insurance Reimbursement

Connecticut is an anti-subrogation state, which means that the only insurance companies that can request reimbursement those that provide a self-insured ERISA health plan or municipal plans such as Medicare.  However, it is important to note that Medicare Advantage may or may not have any lien rights.

When an insurance company files a claim for reimbursement, they may get an offset for any premiums that the individual has paid as premiums. They can ask for the full amount of the medical bills they have put out on the injured party’s behalf, but this person may receive a credit for the full year’s premiums that were paid on their policy. Sometimes, insurance companies are willing to negotiate down their lien to help settle a case.

Does Getting into an Accident Impact Someone’s Rate?

Insurance rates are typically determined by the fault determinative once the policyholder is liable for an accident. Most of the factors in determining a person’s insurance rate are their driving record, and whether or not they were at fault in any accident in which they were involved. Therefore, if the injured bicyclist was not at fault, it should not impact their automobile insurance rates at all.

Contact an Attorney for Help Handling Health Insurance After a Bike Accident in Glastonbury

One of the benefits of retaining an attorney after a bicycle accident is they could help find providers who may treat on a letter of protection, which notifies insurance companies that the claimant is seeking out-of-pocket expenses and that they have an ongoing case. An attorney also may be able to get the provider to hold off on collections.

Most importantly, dealing with health insurance in Glastonbury bicycle accident cases can be confusing and overwhelming without a legal professional by your side. For help on your claim, call today.


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