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How do you put your life back together after a catastrophic accident? In most cases, these accidents force you to relearn how to meet your needs. You can recover without draining all of your resources, though. Connecticut’s civil courts allow you to demand loss-based compensation from the party responsible for your accident.

You can collaborate with a catastrophic injury lawyer in Enfield to bring the party liable for your losses to civil court. It doesn’t matter whether your case goes to trial or you try to resolve your case by negotiating. You can count on Enfield personal injury lawyers to advocate for your right to the most compensation possible.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury in Enfield?

Attorneys can apply the term “catastrophic” to both accidents and their related injuries. 

For example, you may walk away from a catastrophic car accident in Enfield with injuries far more severe than those you would have received in a less dangerous wreck. You may alternatively walk away from a controlled slip and fall accident with a broken leg – a catastrophic loss in the face of what might otherwise look like a minor accident.

In general, though, the term “catastrophic” refers to instances wherein dangerous negligence temporarily or permanently changes the way you have to live your life. The injuries that stem from these accidents can include the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Severe burns
  • Significant falls
  • Injuries requiring amputation
  • Nerve damage

If you find yourself contending with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury accident, you can turn to experienced medical professionals for help recovering. At the same time, Enfield’s catastrophic injury lawyers can help you demand a fair catastrophic injury settlement from the party responsible for your losses.

What Should You Do After a Catastrophic Injury?

There’s no pre-established plan that can help you recover from a catastrophic injury accident. No two accidents look alike. Ergo, each requires its own approach. That said, there are some steps that all parties can take to lead to an easier recovery. These steps can include the following:

Build Your Medical Paper Trail

Medical and legal professionals alike refer to these accidents as “catastrophic” for a reason. These accidents put immediate and dangerous pressure on your health. You must work with emergency responders if you want to minimize your catastrophic injury accident losses.

Working with emergency responders and other medical professionals has other benefits, too. These early medical connections allow you to establish a paper trail regarding your injuries. You can later refer to that paper trail to better elaborate on the severe nature of your losses. 

Emergency responders’ assessments of your health can also serve as expert witness testimony should you opt to bring your losses to a judge’s attention. Fortunately, you don’t have to secure that testimony when getting treated for catastrophic injuries. Instead, our team of attorneys can reconnect with those parties on your behalf to secure a submittable statement.

Call an Attorney

Attorneys are your advocates in the wake of a catastrophic injury accident. We can help you communicate with not only a liable party but also police officers, insurance claims adjusters, medical professionals, and even your family members. What’s more, we can help you demand compensation for your accident-related losses.

You can ask our team to investigate the negligence that led to your accident within hours of your initial injury. In doing so, we can make it easier for you to file a personal injury claim against the party liable for your accident. These claims allow you to go through Connecticut’s civil courts in an effort to demand financial support following an accident.

File an Insurance Claim

You may retain the right to bring your losses to an insurance provider’s attention following a catastrophic injury accident. You need the insurance provider’s policy number and name before moving forward. Do not pursue a liable party to get this information if said party attempts to flee the scene of your accident. That job falls to the police.

If you can get this information in good faith, consider bringing an attorney to conversations with an insurance claims adjuster and related parties. Insurance claims adjusters serve their organizations before they serve you. In other words, they may attempt to minimize or outright deny your claim to save a provider money.

Fortunately, our team knows how to deal with these bad-faith behaviors. We can step in to counter them should the need to do so arise. We can even file a lawsuit against a bad faith insurance provider should said provider refuse to acknowledge the severity of your losses.

What to Expect When Taking a Catastrophic Injury Claim to Civil Court

So long as you file your catastrophic injury claim before your statute of limitations, General Statutes of Connecticut section 52-584, expires, you should have the right to determine how your case progresses. You can choose to meet with a negligent party out of court to negotiate for a fair settlement.

That said, catastrophic injury negotiations tend to work best when a liable party acknowledges the danger that they put you in. Parties who fail to recognize that danger may not want to award you compensation for your losses. In these cases, it may be in your best interest to initiate a civil trial.

The trial process sees you undergo:

  • Discovery
  • Opening statements
  • Examination
  • Cross-examination
  • Closing statements
  • Deliberation and verdict

Our catastrophic injury attorneys in Enfield, CT, can walk you through each step ahead of time so you know what to expect. We can also keep the door open for additional negotiations should a liable party come to recognize their role in your accident.

We Help You Overcome a Catastrophic Injury Accident’s Losses

Any accident can turn catastrophic in the face of another party’s gross negligence. You don’t have to stand for that mistreatment, though. Once you’ve received the medical attention you need, you or a representative can turn to CT Trial Firm for legal guidance. We can then connect you with an Enfield catastrophic injury lawyer who can investigate your losses.

Our team continually fights for your right to fair compensation after a dangerous accident. We want you to have the means you need to recover. You can count on us to help you exercise the full breadth of your legal rights to hold a liable party accountable for their negligence.

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