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There are countless professions that may lead to work-related injuries and illnesses. Regardless of where you work, recovering from an injury or illness could be stressful, and seeking compensation could add to this unwanted stress.

If you experienced a workplace injury or illness, you may benefit from the advice and counsel of an East Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer. A local personal injury attorney knowledgeable in the process of seeking workers’ comp could provide legal guidance and support during this process to recover benefits.

Eligibility for Workers’ Comp in East Hartford

Workers’ compensation allows employees to recover for occupational diseases or injuries. Therefore, conditions that manifest outside the scope of employment are not covered by workers’ comp. An East Hartford attorney could assist injured employees in determining whether their injury falls under workers’ compensation benefits.

Most occupations are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. In fact, the state requires any business, LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietor to carry insurance in case of a workplace accident. Employees may be eligible for workers’ comp regardless of whether they are full-time, seasonal, or part-time workers. The only workers that are not eligible to receive benefits are household employees that work less than 26 hours per week.

Those who suffer a workplace injury or illness that requires medical treatment may be eligible for benefits that cover doctor visits, hospital bills, prescriptions, and the transportation costs to get to the health care provider. If someone suffers an injury or illness that leaves them unable to return to work for a temporary amount of time or at a lower-paying position, they may qualify for temporary disability benefits. Those suffering from a severe injury or illness that disables them permanently could receive permanent disability benefits.

The Process of Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If an employee suffers an injury or illness from a work-related incident, the first step they should take is notifying their employer. Once employers are notified, they have an obligation to complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury form, which is provided to the injured employee, the insurance company, and the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission.

After providing notice to the employer, employees also must fill out a workers’ compensation claim, Form 30C, and provide it to the Commission, as well as their employer. Employees have three years from the date they first started showing symptoms to report an occupational illness, and one year to report a workplace injury. There is a three-day waiting period before receiving benefits according to Connecticut General Statute §31-295. An attorney in East Hartford could guide an injured employee through the workers’ comp process.

Contact an East Hartford Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Discovering which benefits you may be eligible for following a workplace accident can be a complicated process. Therefore, having an East Hartford workers’ compensation lawyer guiding you along the way could lift a huge weight off of your shoulders. They could help you handle the paperwork and collect the information you need to advocate for your benefits. Call today and schedule your case consultation.


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