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Defective products can lead to serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and long periods of recovery time. In these situations, an individual could suffer considerable financial consequences.

Therefore, if you suffered injuries because of a faulty item, you should reach out to an experienced East Hartford product liability lawyer. A skilled skilled personal injury attorney could help you receive the financial damages you need to pay for all of your expenses and losses.

What Are Some Defects That Lead to Dangerous Product Claims?

Some product liability cases are similar in that they each allege a product contained one or more defects, and the manufacturer should have known about and corrected these problems. A court may consider a product defective for a variety of reasons, including its inherent design, a manufacturing defect, or inadequate marketing.

Design and Manufacturing Defects

A defect exists when the product’s design or configuration makes it unnecessarily dangerous. If a design defect exists, then all products manufactured according to this plan may pose the same hazard to consumers.

Additionally, a manufacturing defect exists when a product does not match the design. This means that some error occurred during the manufacturing process, and one or more products become dangerous. With a manufacturing defect, not all units of a product may be hazardous.

Warning Defects

A warning defect exists when the manufacturer fails to provide adequate warning labels or instructions on the product. Manufacturers or producers may escape liability for faulty items if they took reasonable steps to eliminate a defect or limit its danger. Injured customers may not receive any compensation for their harm if they cannot show that the manufacturer did not act reasonably. A qualified product liability attorney in East Hartford could assist an injured consumer in building a case against the negligent manufacturing company.

How Does One Resolve a Product Liability Lawsuit?

The manufacturer of a defective product may try to settle with the injured consumer. By offering a settlement, the manufacturer agrees to pay a certain amount of compensation to the injured consumer if they forego any further legal action against the company.

The consumer and manufacturer also may resolve a lawsuit through trial. At trial, the injured party must demonstrate that the product in question was defective and that the manufacturer should have taken some reasonable action to address the problem. If the consumer fails to prove either of these elements, then this person may not be able to receive any compensation.

The injured consumer ultimately has the final decision whether to accept a settlement offer or to take their case to trial. With help from a product liability attorney in East Hartford, an injured consumer can make an informed choice about their case.

Call an East Hartford Product Liability Attorney

Reaching a positive outcome in one of these lawsuits may require the assistance of an East Hartford product liability lawyer. An attorney could collect evidence, consult with experts, and guide you through the legal process. More importantly, a dedicated lawyer could protect your rights and fight for your best interests. Speak with an attorney today about your legal options.


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