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Motorcycles provide a degree of freedom on the road, but this freedom comes with an elevated risk of injury in the event of a crash. Beyond road rash, those injured in a motorcycle accident may sustain broken bones, severe brain and spine damage, and sometimes harm severe enough to require limb amputation.

Given the potential risks associated with a motorbike, you should not hesitate to contact a committed personal injury attorney if someone else carelessly causes you to crash while on your motorcycle. An East Hartford motorcycle accident lawyer could work with you to seek civil compensation for every injury and loss you sustain due to another person’s negligence.

What Damages are Available Following a Motorbike Accident?

Following any automobile accident, there may be numerous medical bills to pay and vehicle repair costs to manage. Both of these objective financial losses can—and usually do—form the basis for personal injury lawsuits following such incidents.

However, these are not the only damages that a lawyer in East Hartford could pursue in a motorcycle accident case. Other recoverable economic damages may include any income lost due to time missed from work, as well as future lost earning potential due to long-term or permanent effects of a serious injury.

Non-Economic Damages

A claimant may incorporate non-economic damages into a settlement demand as well. While these damages do not have objective monetary values, losses such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, lost time spent with family, and emotional anguish from conditions such as post-traumatic stress can all be factored into a suit.

Proving Negligence While Avoiding Fault in East Hartford

To recover compensation through a personal injury case based on negligence, the or plaintiff must demonstrate based on a preponderance of available evidence that the defendant was legally negligent. In practice, this means they must show that the defendant owed them a duty of care, subsequently violated that duty through some reckless or careless action, and in doing so caused an accident that directly led to the injuries they are filing suit over.

Everyone on the road shares an implicit duty of care to drive safely around each other. What may cause a case to become more complicated is in proving proximate cause of harm from a defendant’s actions, while also demonstrating that the plaintiff’s actions did not contribute to causing their injuries. A skilled lawyer in East Hartford could help someone establish negligence in their motorcycle accident case.

Can Plaintiffs Recover Damages if They Bear Some Fault?

According to Connecticut General Statutes §52-572h, civil plaintiffs cannot recover compensation if they bear more than 50 percent of the total fault for their accident. Additionally, a court may reduce a claimant’s recoverable compensation proportionately to their percentage of fault if they are to blame for less than 50 percent of the accident. For example, if a motorcyclist suffered injuries in an accident caused while they were lane-splitting, they may be partially liable for any harm they suffered as a result.

Speak with an East Hartford Motorcycle Accident Attorney to Learn More

If a motorcycle wreck left you with serious injuries, it may be worthwhile to explore your legal options for pursuing financial restitution. However, filing suit against another person is not a simple task, and you may find yourself at a disadvantage if you try to prove fault and collect compensation without professional legal assistance.

Before taking on the civil litigation system yourself, consider talking to an East Hartford motorcycle accident lawyer about the best approach to your particular case. Schedule your first appointment by calling our firm today.


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