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East Hartford is a dog-friendly town, but that does not mean that all pets are trustworthy. Suffering injuries from a canine attack can be traumatizing and may leave permanent scarring. If an aggressive dog injured you, you may be entitled to damages under state laws.

Violent dogs are a major problem for public safety. In response, state legislators developed several laws that cover the prevention of dog bites and legal responses to these incidents.

Based on these laws, an East Hartford dog bite lawyer could discuss your options moving forward. More importantly, a dedicated dedicated personal injury attorney could assist you in all steps pertaining to your lawsuit. En Español.

Dog Bite Laws in East Hartford

Various laws provide for different protections depending on the party that suffered injuries in the accident. For instance, some state laws describe what could happen if one dog attacked or bit another. According to Connecticut General Statutes §22-357, a plaintiff could recover more than just the veterinary bills that follow an attack. In addition, a claimant may be able to recoup the value of their pet if it dies as a result of the incident. If their pet was a certified guide or service dog, the owner may be able to recover training expenses in a successful lawsuit.

Additionally, dog bite cases are unique in that it is the responsibility of the defendant to prove the innocence of their pet if a child under seven is injured. A dog attack lawyer in East Hartford could explain these and other caveats in the state legal code.

Potential Damages in Canine Bite Incidents

State law allows for plaintiffs to recover a range of damages in a single claim. Claimants in dog bite cases may be able to recover economic, noneconomic, and exemplary damages with the help of an attorney in East Hartford.

Economic and noneconomic losses also are referred to as compensatory damages. In general, economic damages may be easier to demonstrate than noneconomic losses. Economic damages may include medical or veterinary bills, lost wages, future rehabilitative costs, and other financial losses. Noneconomic damages, on the other hand, cover emotional losses such as pain and suffering, trauma, and loss of companionship.

What Are Exemplary Damages?

Alternatively, exemplary damages (also known as punitive damages) are punishment for extreme cases of negligence and recklessness. If a dog has a history of violence and an owner allows this animal to run free, a dog attack claimant may be eligible to claim exemplary damages. An experienced East Hartford lawyer could assess what a dog bite case may be worth based on a person’s losses.

When Does Someone File a Dog Attack Claim?

The statute of limitations determines the timeline for legal action. Following personal injury or property damage losses, claimants must act within the statute of limitations. According to state law, the statutory deadline for dog bite cases is two years. However, the court may consider extensions in certain cases.

One possible exception is if the injured party becomes aware of damages after the original statute of limitations has ended. In these situations, a claimant may receive an additional year to file their claim.

Abiding by the statute of limitations is a requisite step in any lawsuit. A canine bite lawyer in East Hartford could assist individuals in meeting all legal deadlines.

Retain an East Hartford Dog Bite Attorney

When a dog bites you, it represents a breach of trust between you and the dog owner. After all, the primary responsibility of a dog owner is to prevent their pets from causing harm to others. There are typically warning signs before an attack, and responsible dog owners are required to be cognizant of these signs.

When a dog owner fails to act responsibly and their pet bites you, you should take legal action. An East Hartford dog bite lawyer could help you recover damages and become your legal advocate throughout the claims process.


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