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The FDA’s drug approval process is supposed to ensure that these products are safe for consumers and that any potentially dangerous side effects are known. Unfortunately, this process can fail, and when it does, drugs with dangerous side effects reach consumers.

Side effects from dangerous drugs can range from mild irritations to life-threatening conditions. If you experienced adverse effects after taking medication, a skilled personal injury attorney could assist you in obtaining financial compensation for all of your losses. Additionally, an East Hartford dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold the pharmaceutical company accountable for their actions.

What is the Role of the FDA in the Approval Process?

The FDA is responsible for approving drugs that it deems safe for consumers. To make this determination, the FDA relies on a screening and testing process designed to show whether the drug addresses the medical issue it claims to resolve. The FDA’s process also should identify any side effects of the medication. However, this testing process is not foolproof, and some side effects may not be detectable until a consumer takes the drug for years.

Manufacturers Have a Responsibility

Ultimately it falls on drug manufacturers to conduct adequate testing to ensure their products are safe. Companies that manufacture and distribute drugs have a legal obligation to inform consumers, doctors, and pharmacists of the dangers that may accompany taking a particular drug.

When a company does not meet this obligation, consumers may suffer significant bodily harm. Because of the complexities and technical evidence in many dangerous drug lawsuits, help from an attorney in East Hartford could make a dramatic difference in the outcome of such a case.

Establishing a Drug is Unsafe

A consumer injured by a medication’s side effects may receive compensation for their losses if the manufacturer either created an unnecessarily dangerous drug, allowed contaminants to pollute the manufacturing process, or failed to warn consumers of its potential side effects. To establish that any of these behaviors occurred, a claimant must prove that another drug company would not have taken the same steps or actions as the defendant under similar circumstances.

How Can Experts Help?

A claimant may need the testimony and reports of experts like chemists, pharmacists, and medical doctors to build their case. The injured consumer’s medical history and any treatment they are receiving also may be relevant. An East Hartford hazardous drugs lawyer could help a claimant build their unsafe drug claim by securing these witnesses and any other evidence.

Talk with an East Hartford Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Determining when medical complications and other harm is due to unsafe medications can be difficult to do. A qualified East Hartford dangerous drug lawyer could help you determine whether a medication you are taking is to blame for your symptoms and complications. If a connection between your losses and your medications becomes apparent, your lawyer could help you take legal action.

Claims for compensation filed against drug manufacturers can be lengthy and complicated. There are several ways in which such a personal injury lawsuit can fail before it ever reaches the courtroom. Let an attorney experienced in pursuing that claims help. Call today.


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