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Rental car accidents are no less stressful and burdensome than any other type. They cost drivers time, money, energy, and possibly much more, depending on the severity of any injuries they may have sustained.

Seeking legal redress for these accidents can feel like an uphill struggle, but fortunately, help is available. If you or a loved one has been injured in one of these crashes, call an East Hartford rental car accident lawyer right away for help with your case. Our dedicated car accident attorneys are standing by to help you pursue the justice you deserve.

Fact Patterns of East Hartford Rental Car Crashes

In most cases, rental car accidents happen because the driver is unfamiliar with the vehicle. The differences between models and brands of cars may seem negligible, but they can affect the overall driving experience enough to cause errors in judgment or operation, and lead to crashes. The steering weight of one vehicle may be appreciably lighter or heavier than that of another, affecting the speed with which a driver is able to swerve and turn. The brakes of one model may be considerably more responsive than those of another, causing stops that are too abrupt or, if less responsive, stops that are too delayed.

Another reason for these accidents is that many rental car drivers are from elsewhere, and so they are unfamiliar with the area and unaccustomed to its roundabouts, exits, detours, et cetera.

An experienced attorney is thoroughly familiar with rental car collisions in East Hartford and could explain the implications of a fact pattern in a given case.

Common Injuries in Rental Car Crashes

Car wrecks are dangerous in any vehicle and rental cars are no exception. Neck and back injuries tend to be most common in these accidents, but other kinds of injuries are possible and can even be catastrophic, depending on the severity of the crash. They include:

Some of these injuries will require ongoing medical care and may lead to a diminished quality of life, financial loss from being unable to work, and tremendous emotional and psychological stress. No one should have to face this alone. An accident attorney who handles rental car cases in East Hartford knows how to build a strong case and is willing to offer their guidance and expertise.

How Insurance Covers Rental Vehicles

With the exception of a few minor details, insurers do not draw much distinction between an injury in a typical car accident and one involving a rental. Generally speaking, a rental car driver will be covered by their own insurance, as if it were their own vehicle. Sometimes, however, people purchase supplemental liability insurance, which is offered by the rental car company and allows more significant coverage. If the car is leased on a credit card, it could also provide for additional insurance coverage in the event of an accident. An East Hartford lawyer can further explain the pertinence of different kinds of rental car insurance.

Call an East Hartford Rental Car Accident Attorney Today

Rental car accidents are just as serious as any other. They can cause injuries of all kinds and affect your insurance premiums, employment, finances, and quality of life. Furthermore, they can be a hassle to resolve legally, and addressing them without proper legal representation may cost you the compensation you deserve.

The car may not belong to you, but your life does, and an East Hartford rental car accident lawyer is here to help you take control of it. Call our offices today to get started.


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