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Buses can be surprisingly dangerous vehicles because passengers rarely have seat belts to help protect them in the event of a crash, and the large size of the coach may make them more vulnerable to roll over or crash. For other motorists, a collision with a bus can inflict significant damage and harm to the occupants of their vehicle.

While bus drivers are commercial motorists who must pass specialized tests before operating these vehicles, this does not guarantee that they will not make a mistake behind the wheel. An East Hartford bus accident lawyer could help you hold a negligent driver accountable and pursue fair compensation for your injuries. Additionally, a skilled personal injury attorney could become your legal advocate and help relieve some of the stress you may feel while you are recovering. En Español.

Elements of a Bus Accident Lawsuit

Those hurt in bus accidents may be able to receive financial compensation for their injuries through a civil lawsuit. Like other personal injury lawsuits, someone injured in a bus crash may recover financial damages when the evidence shows someone acted negligently or carelessly, and those actions resulted in someone sustaining injuries and other losses.

In addition to a negligent bus driver, their employer, the maintenance company, and others may be partially responsible for an accident. For a plaintiff to receive a fair and complete amount of compensation, identifying all responsible parties and what role each of them played is essential.

The amount of compensation an injured claimant may receive depends on the value of the financial harm and emotional suffering that the plaintiff is able to establish and connect to the crash. A bus accident lawyer in East Hartford could help identify all liable parties and seek fair compensation.

Building a Bus Crash Case

A bus driver’s actions are considered negligent when they differ from what another person with similar experience facing comparable circumstances would do. An important part of proving negligence is documenting the facts surrounding the accident. This may require an attorney to collect witness statements, police reports, photographs, and to speak with an accident reconstruction expert.

Ann East Hartford bus accident attorney also may use the driver’s experience and driving history to build a bus accident case. For example, a bus driver who only recently got their license may not be evaluated the same way as an individual who has been driving for decades.

Finally, an attorney may consult relevant laws, rules, and regulations when creating a claim. The manual used to train the bus driver could help show what the defendant should have done under the circumstances. Bus driving instructors or other experts also may have helpful opinions as to what the driver could have done differently.

All of these factors, as well as others, may help determine the likelihood that a plaintiff’s lawsuit against a bus driver will succeed. It is important to understand that if a bus driver acted reasonably and responsibly under the circumstances and a crash occurred regardless, the plaintiff may not be entitled to receive any compensation.

Contact an East Hartford Bus Accident Attorney

A seasoned East Hartford bus accident lawyer could investigate the facts surrounding a crash and evaluate the evidence available. Additionally, an attorney could provide you with an assessment of the strength of your case so you can decide how best to assert your legal rights. To get help on your case, schedule a case consultation.


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