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Many people in New England enjoy taking their boat out on a lake, river, or the Atlantic Ocean. Whether speeding across the water in a motorboat or letting the wind take you where it may in your sailboat, spending time on the water can be a peaceful, rejuvenating activity. Unfortunately, watercraft accidents happen, which can lead to painful injuries and heavy financial costs. This is where a dedicated personal injury attorney could help.

Many of the same careless behaviors that lead to motor vehicle accidents can cause crashes on the water. Just like with other crashes, those injured in boating collisions might be able to receive monetary compensation for medical expenses and other financial losses with the assistance of an East Hartford boat accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Boating Crashes

Boating is a recreational activity for many. As a result, boat operators may be less likely to give their full attention to safely operating their watercraft. There might be an increased likelihood that a boat operator will make a careless choice that leads to injuries or death on the water. A boating accident is even more likely to occur if:

  • The boat operator has had too many drinks or is consuming drugs
  • The boat operator has had little or no training on the rules of safe boating
  • The boat operator is unaware of other watercraft or people in the water
  • The boat operator is distracted by other occupants in the boat, by music, or because they are using a cell phone
  • The boat operator experiences a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or a seizure

Connecticut law says that if a boater engages in conduct that is so unreasonable that no other person would behave in the same way, that boater may be responsible if he or she is found to be at fault for causing the accident. Establishing this, and the other essential elements of a lawsuit, is easier to do with help from an East Hartford boat injury attorney.

Compensation Available Following a Boating Accident

If a person suffers harm on the water, then the general rule is that they may file a claim to recover financial compensation from the person who caused the accident. The amount that the injured person might expect to receive would be enough to cover the economic costs he or she incurred as a result of the accident. The cost of medical treatment, lost wages due to missed work, prescription drug costs, rehabilitative therapy, and counseling are just some of the expenses for which an injured person could receive compensation. An East Hartford boat accident attorney could assist in calculating all the potential damages.

The injured person might also receive compensation for any physical pain and mental trauma they experienced as a result of the incident. It is imperative that anyone injured in a boating accident include their past and future harm and needs when calculating a compensation award.

Discuss a Legal Claim with an East Hartford Boat Accident Attorney

Boat crashes have the potential to inflict lifelong disabilities and limitations. This is particularly true if the injured person lost consciousness or ingested water during the incident. These injuries can require thousands of dollars over many years to properly treat.

An East Hartford boat accident lawyer could work with you to determine the compensation you require and assist in recovering it with a lawsuit. Speak with an attorney today to learn more.


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