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Unfortunately, some bicycle crashes result in severe injuries to cyclists because they have little to no protection that could withstand the impact of a motor vehicle. Therefore, if you were involved in a wreck while biking, your damages may be substantial.

To recover expenses for medical bills and property damage to your bike, you may need to file a lawsuit, especially if an uninsured motorist struck you. An East Hartford bicycle accident lawyer could assist you in identifying damages you may be eligible to recover. Additionally, with the support of a seasoned personal injury attorney, you could focus on your recovery instead of the legal claims process.

Common Causes of Bike Accidents in East Hartford

Unfortunately, many drivers are not on the lookout for bicyclists. When drivers speed or run stop signs, the effects can be catastrophic for bike riders. Additionally, some bicycle wrecks occur when cars and trucks overtake bicyclists without providing the recommended three-foot zone to the left of the biker.

Do Bikers Require Extra Precaution at Night?

At nighttime, cyclists must use lights and reflective materials on the front, back, and sides of their bikes. When a biker fails to attach these required safety features, this may impact the injured cyclist’s ability to recover full compensation.

Each bicycle accident case is different. For this reason, injured bicyclists should contact a bicycle accident attorney in East Hartford as soon as possible to begin the necessary legal processes following a bike accident.

Recoverable Damages in a Bicycle Wreck Case

Personal and property losses resulting from a bike wreck can be tremendous. Additionally, unlike cars, which are covered by liability insurance, bikes are rarely insured.

Following a severe accident, an injured cyclist may be able to recover compensation for their medical bills, including emergency procedures and surgeries. If the motorist involved in the accident is uninsured, a legal battle may be necessary on the part of the plaintiff.

An East Hartford bicycle wreck attorney could guide a claimant through the potential economic, noneconomic, and punitive damages they may be eligible to pursue.

What Are the Statute of Limitations in East Hartford?

Each type of personal injury case has a time frame in which a person may bring a claim for damages. According to Connecticut General Statutes §52-584, injured bicyclists must file their claim within two years from the date of their accident. However, some exceptions may apply on a case-by-case basis.

For example, if a plaintiff became aware of worsening cognitive function two years after a serious bike wreck, the individual may seek the help of a specialist. If additional testing indicates that their bike accident caused previously undiscovered brain damage, the individual may qualify for a one-year extension. An East Hartford lawyer could advise someone on the legal deadlines in a bicycle accident case.

Contact an East Hartford Bike Accident Attorney Today

Many cyclists rely on biking as their primary mode of transportation. If you bike to work or use it regularly, your entire routine might be interrupted. You may require funds to cover your loss of transportation, in addition to substantial medical bills. Unfortunately, in many cases, follow-up medical procedures can be extensive, requiring more compensation in the months that follow.

In this situation, do not delay in contacting a lawyer. If you suffered injuries due to the negligence of a motorist or another cyclist, now is the time to act. An East Hartford bicycle accident lawyer could be your advocate and negotiate with your best interests in mind.


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