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An accident that leaves you or somebody you love injured can impact your life in substantial ways. While you may never be able go back to the way your life was before the incident, legal recourse may be the key to minimizing your stress and the changes you have to endure.

If you or a loved one has suffered losses due to another person’s careless misconduct, an East Hartford personal injury lawyer could help you obtain a financial recovery. Our trusted attorneys are skilled in the legal nuances of civil lawsuits and could guide you through this complex and daunting process. More importantly, legal counsel could advocate for your rights and best interests. En Español.

How a Personal Injury Claim Works

Many different types of accidents may give rise to a civil claim. However, most are based on the legal concept of negligence. Injuries and other losses that are caused by another person’s reckless behavior or failure to act may lead to a viable civil claim for damages.

To prove that a person was negligent, an attorney must establish that the defendant owed the injured claimant a legal duty of care and then violated this obligation. A lawyer may demonstrate this breach in duty of care by showing evidence that proves that the defendant violated a law, failed to keep their property safe, manufactured a product improperly, or acted in any other way that may constitute careless behavior. These actions must be directly traceable to the cause of the claimant’s injuries.

Finally, an injured person must be able to show that they sustained damages. These typically include additional expenses or emotional losses. Accidents that may result in viable personal injury cases range from automobile crashes, truck accidents, pedestrian collisions, or cycling accidents, to medical malpractice, workplace injuries, and canine attacks. An East Hartford civil claims attorney could work with an injured party to prove the defendant’s negligence based on the specifics of the incident.

Statute of Limitations for Injury Cases

The law provides a specific time frame for how long after an incident an injured party may file a personal injury lawsuit. Connecticut General Statutes §52-584 states that an individual must bring personal injury and property claims within two years of the date of their accident.

Failure to meet the statute of limitations may allow the court to dismiss an individual’s case. When a court dismisses a lawsuit, the prospective plaintiff may no longer be able to pursue compensation. An experienced East Hartford injury lawyer could work to ensure that an injured party files their lawsuit within the acceptable timeframe.

Reach Out to an East Hartford Personal Injury Attorney Today

The aftermath of a devastating accident can be burdensome and chaotic. Reaching out to an East Hartford personal injury lawyer could help ease the stress of dealing with a lawsuit.

A knowledgeable legal representative could explain the legal process, appraise your case, and inform you of your legal options for recovery. Contact one of our dedicated attorneys today to schedule an initial consultation on your case.

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